Zion Williamson’s block stopped time and space in March Madness. Was it a goaltend?

It took Zion Williamson exactly eight minutes into Duke’s Sweet 16 matchup against Virginia Tech to make a play so outrageous it broke the rhythm of the game.

Williamson soared miles above the rim to reject the Hokies’ Kerry Blackshear on a post-up attempt. The block was so ridiculous players on both teams looked like they didn’t know what to do after it happened.

As we’ve written before, Williamson’s defensive ability creates just as many must-see highlights as his dunking does. This feels like one of his best plays of the season.

Watch that highlight again: players on both teams just sort of stopped playing after the block. Fans across the internet screamed for a goaltend, but one was never called.

On one hand, it looks like the ball was on its way down. On the other, this play is so incredible that we can’t let some silly rule get in the way of properly appreciating it.

Zion Williamson is an alien. The man is 6’6, 285 pounds and he’s making plays like this. Enjoy him at the college level while you still can.

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