Yeti Vs Rtic Vs Ozark Trail – Battle of the Tumblers


The double walled, stainless steel, vacuum sealed tumblers guaranteed your drinks would stay colder, or hotter, longer than any other existing tumbler on the market. The only negative Yeti had, was the price of their products. Now Rtic and Ozark Trail have joined the game and are giving Yeti a run for their actual money. We bring it all together, so you can skip the long-winded YouTube videos and excessive forum rants, and get to saving money.


The Yeti, Rtic and Ozark Trail cups are all essentially the same cup by manufacturing standards. Double wall, stainless steel, vacuum sealed insulation and plastic lids with a rubber ring. According to Yeti and Rtic, they are both made out of 18/8 stainless steel. We cannot find any information on the stainless steel used with the Ozark Tumbler. We attempted to find the approximate weight of each cup but it was listed differently on numerous sites. The only conclusion we could make is the Rtic tumblers are slightly lighter in weight.


The Yeti, Rtic and Ozark Trail tumblers appear to look the same, though dimension vary very slightly. At a distance one could not tell them apart. Each brand has their logo stamped on the side of the cup, near the bottom, and also on the plastic lid. Rtic does have a slightly different, and better, lid design. A larger drink opening on the Rtic lid allows for a straw to be inserted. Rtic also sells a Splash Proof lid that closes over the drinking hole for $5.99. It should be noted that the lids are interchangeable between all three brands.


The part we all care about, money. Here is the break down from, and (Ozark Trail):

Yeti: 20oz $29.99 / 30oz $39.99

Rtic: 20oz $14.99 / 30oz $19.99

Ozark: 20oz $7.74 / 30oz $9.74


Here are some good comparison videos but if you don’t want to watch them, I will save you the time. The cups all work identical. There seems to be no difference in the effectiveness of the cups vs their price.


It is hard to say you need to spend your money on a Yeti when the Ozark Trail does just as good. The only negative we can say about the Ozark Trail is it can be a little hard to find in stock in a local Wal-mart.

Just some tips for using one of these cups. If you plan to use your tumbler, place it in the refrigerator before filling it. Also attempt to chill your liquid before pouring it over ice. You will be amazed on how much longer your ice will keep. No matter which tumbler brand you own, get out there and enjoy it.


Source by Blake W

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