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21 March at 22:40

Today, UEFA announced that Ronaldo has been fined €20K for his gestures after the Champions League game against Atletico Madrid, mimicking Diego Simeone from the first leg. 

An investigation was opened into the matter by UEFA, but they ruled out a ban for the Portuguese star. However, from the start, it was clear that Ronaldo wouldn’t get a ban, though this is not a question of principles, but rather opportunities. 

After all, the risk of suspension is always there when doing such actions, and in the end that could end up being costly. Just look at Nedved in 2003, who missed the UCL final against Milan because of a yellow card. Though the rules have changed since regarding yellow cards, it’s not worth the risk of getting banned because of an external gesture.  

Furthermore, it’s wrong to say that Ronaldo’s gesture is the same as Simeone’s, because that’s not the case. To clarify, the Atleti manager turned to his own fans when doing the gesture, to show that his team has the attributes, proving his fans wrong if you wish. A bad act, perhaps, but not provocation. 

Ronaldo, on the other hand, didn’t turn to his own fans, but rather the Atleti fans. Therefore, the gesture gets a completely different meaning from that of Simeone. 

By Stefano Agresti. 


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