Why family most-important care-givers to elderly – Doctor

Why family most-important care-givers to elderly - Doctor
Why family most-important care-givers to elderly – Doctor

By Abujah Racheal

Mr Yakubu Pam, a medical practitioner said that family members are the most important care-providers in the life of the elderly.

Pam told the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN), on Friday in Abuja that family members have the patience to handle older persons who sometimes can be difficult to take care of.

”When people choose to care for a spouse, partner, or parent out of love and respect, they find new meaning in their own life by making a difference in another person’s life, even if their efforts are not always appreciated.

”Family and friends can provide a home, that is why the elderly relatives live with them, help with money and meet social needs by visiting, taking them out on trips,” he said.

According to him, elderly care emphasises the social and personal requirements of senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities and health care, but who desire to age with dignity.

Pam said it was an important distinction in that the design of housing, services, activities, employee training and such should be truly customer-centered.

He said that It was also noteworthy that a large amount of global elderly care falls under the unpaid market sector.

The medical practitioner advised that It was important for caregivers to ensure that measures were put in place to preserve and promote function rather than contribute to a decline in status of an older adult that has physical limitations.

“Caregivers need to be conscious of actions and behaviours that cause older adults to become dependent on them and need to allow older patients to maintain as much independence as possible.

“Providing information to the elderly on why it is important to perform self-care may allow them to see the benefit in performing self-care independently.

“If the elderly is able to complete self-care activities on their own, or even if they need supervision, encourage them in their efforts as maintaining independence can provide them with a sense of accomplishment and the ability to maintain independence longer,” he said

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