Why Doc Rivers and Jim Boylen were BOTH ejected at the SAME TIME

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Doc Rivers and Jim Boylen pulled off a rare feat by simultaneously getting ejected from the Clippers 128-121 win over the Bulls on Friday night. It was a war of words between the two coaches that caused quick double technicals and thus, the pair of boots.

The feud began in the first half when Los Angeles’ Montrezl Harrell set a hard screen at half court that knocked Chicago’s Ryan Arcidiacono to the floor, and subsequently from the game. Boylen thought that screen was an offensive foul. According to him, the referees agreed with after they reviewed the play at halftime.

Then, in the third quarter, Harrell set another half-court screen, this time on on Bulls guard Shaquille Harrison. This play was called an offensive foul, but Boylen took exception to another one of his point guards taking a hard screen.

That led to this scene, which featured both coaches yelling at each other and the referees until they were kicked from the court. Boylen emphatically high-fived every single one of his players on his way out.

Both coaches had separate accounts of the incident.

Rivers thought the Bulls needed to call out screens better

Rivers: I have no idea why I was ejected. I really don’t. I was talking to the ref and basically said that it was a clean pick. All of a sudden I hear Boylen yelling at me saying that we were dirty or whatever because in the first half we set another legal pick and one of their guys got hurt. I wanted to say maybe turn around and yell at your guys and tell them to call out picks. But don’t yell at me… But I didn’t say it that nicely.

Rivers: I don’t ever talk to the other coach unless the coach talks to me. I don’t think I should’ve been thrown out for that. I didn’t instigate anything.

Reporter: Have you ever seen something like that before?

Rivers: No I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. But I’ve been around for a while, I needed to try something new.

Boylen thought his guys were being targeted

Boylen: They set another moving screen at halfcourt that they called an offensive foul. I already have a guy sitting in the locker room from the bang he took in the first half. Now they go after my other point guard with a moving screen and I don’t appreciate that. I let them know. I let everybody know. I don’t know how Doc got involved. I have no problem with Doc. He’s fighting for his team, I’m fighting for my team.

Reporter: Do you think these movements were intended to injure your players?

Boylen: I don’t know. I’m not going to judge that.

Harrell denied his screens were malicious

Harrell: I really didn’t think it was an illegal screen. It’s not up to me to call out the screen on the person who I’m screening. I stood there in the middle of the floor and waited until my guy dribbled the ball up the floor both times. I didn’t do anything maliciously, I didn’t do anything dirty. Those are straight basketball plays.

The Bulls and Clippers won’t play against each other again until next season, but remember this when they do.

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I want to share Stories and images for publishing Whatapp News

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