The right-wing prime minister of Hungary is at the centre of yet another controversy.

Viktor Orban faced unprecedented disciplinary action from the European Parliament a few months ago for breaching core democratic values of the EU.

And the streets of Budapest were packed on Sunday for another mass protest against a new legislation, which trades unions, opposition parties, students and others all say amounts to modern-day slavery.

They are demanding the laws are revoked as well as calling for media freedom and independence of the judiciary.

How will Orban deal with growing challenges, both at home and abroad?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Gergely Rajnai – analyst at Hungary’s Center for Fair Political Analysis

Ulrich Brueckner – Jean Monnet professor in European Studies at Stanford University in Berlin

Karoly Gyorgy – international secretary of the Hungarian Trade Union Confederation, MASZSZ

Source: Al Jazeera News


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