Where to Find the Best Inexpensive Home Standby Home Generators Now

Generators are becoming more and more popular these days. During power outages in natural calamities or when problems arise in power plants like the Zimmer power station, we don’t get to use the air conditioner, heater or any other electrical device. Not having power available at home can be really difficult to endure. Although some units made by brands can cost quite a bit, there are a lot of inexpensive home standby generators available that also have great quality.

One of the most well recognized brand name among generators is Generac. The Generac Guardian Series 5501 8,000 Watt automatic standby generator is currently on sale at Electric Generators Direct for only $1,929. Other inexpensive home standby generators from different manufacturers are also being retailed here. The retail price for this is around $2,500 but you can get huge discount when you buy it factory-direct. This product uses liquid gas or natural propane for fuel. It is also very convenient to use as it features hands free operation without manual start. The product also has a very sleek and clean design unlike other generators. It doesn’t have any extension cords or buttons because it automatically powers up during a power outage. One of its best features is its True Technology which makes it durable, safe to use and also operates quietly.

If you want a more reliable and trusted brand, check out the G.E. 7KW standby generator model #40315GE. This is one of the most inexpensive home standby generators manufactured by G.E. selling at The Home Depot for $2,239 including shipping. It features a durable enclosure suitable in all climates, a fully automatic operation and a remote system status which has 8 system functions hardwired to your home. It also comes with a 4-year limited warranty of performance and quality. The engine is from Briggs & Stratton and it runs on propane or natural gas. Its design and size of the product is very space saving, making it flexible to fit in any location. If you are not yet aware, G.E also often has promotions on their products, you can check out their website for more detailed information about the current promotions being offered.

For a more mobile power source, use a portable generator like the Yamaha inverter EF2000is which costs only $969.99 at Electric Generators Direct. This can be used in an R.V, outdoor camping or in any area far from electrical outlets. This portable generator features a patented Noise Block reduction system for smoother and quieter operation. It uses gasoline for fuel and is CARB compliant. The product also features an OilWatch warning system, fuel gauge, electrical overload breaker, auto-decompression system and gasoline petcock. All of these help prevent damage to the generator. The unit weighs about 44 lbs. and has comfortable handles for easier transport and portability. It comes with a 3-year consumer warranty.

These days, it is better to always be prepared during power outages and equip yourself with inexpensive home standby generators at home. You don’t have to buy the most expensive products as long as it does the job well and is considered to have good quality as well. For more choices on inexpensive home standby generators or portable ones, you can also try looking at retailers like Amazon or Lowes for great finds.

Source by Fay Salmons

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