Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink


Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink! This is not a scenario in the ocean, but on land, where global warming has brought about massive flooding, including water reservoirs. Occasionally, there is no electricity as well because the local substation is inoperable due to water flooding. What can we do now? Here is a useful suggestion.

Rebuild our houses with underground water reservoirs. And make it big enough to store water for at least a month’s supply. House compounds should also be paved with a layer of surface, either natural or syntactic materials to trap and filter run off rain water. The filtered water should then be channeled to the underground water reservoir by way of pipes and pumps. The reservoir will be able to accommodate pipe water as well as rain water. Rain water might not be that forthcoming during dry weather season, so if you fill the reservoir with three quarters full of pipe water, you would at least have water during emergencies. There should also be in place an automatic control system for the water so that it would be able to function without supervision. Present day telemetry devices are intelligent enough to make your automatic system trouble free. You can even wire it in such a way that you can check on its condition while away from the house. There will be electric pumps installed to channel the inflow and outflow of water. In case of emergencies, an auxiliary gasoline fired electrical generation set should also be wired into the pumps. It should also be sited at a level where it would not be easily flooded by water, and in this respect, it would be advisable to site it at ceiling levels. This is a very basic system and other items can be affixed to make it a comprehensive system.


Source by Tat Meng Yap

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