Vote wisely, Taiga urges Urhobo

Omoniyi Salaudeen

President-General of the Urhobo Progress Union (UPU) Worldwide, Olorogun Moses Taiga, has called on the Urhobo to be vigilant and vote for only candidates who will protect Urhobo interest and work for the progress of the Urhobo nation.

In a personally-signed New Year message, Olorogun taiga said, “As we move towards the General Elections, I again reiterate that no single Urhobo blood should be shed on the altar of politics.

“We must be tolerant of each other and practice politics as refined people. We are one; a people of common identity and common ancestry, so when you hurt one, you hurt all.”

Taiga called for greater unity, cooperation and mutual trust among Urhobo people in consolidating the gains made in the past years.

While extending warm wishes to the Urhobo and other Nigerians on the dawn of the New Year, promised that the UPU will continue to take determined actions that will ensure a greater Urhobo land.

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“The UPU is strengthened by the commitment, love, patriotism and selflessness shown by the Urhobo Nation in the past two years of my administration, and I remain committed to fulfilling my electoral promises to take the Urhobo Nation to greater heights.

“In the New Year, I look forward to seeing the Urhobo people exhibiting greater unity, more love, understanding, cooperation and mutual trust.

“By so doing, we will sustain the achievements of the past, surmount any challenges in our midst and certainly make more progress in 2019.

“We must focus on a better future. We must collectively eschew any form of divisiveness and live in peace with one another and with our neighbours. As we face up to 2019, I wish all of you a happy, safe and productive New Year. May God bless you all,” Olorogun Taiga said.

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