Vote for Nigeria #referendum for revolution now – #BIAFRA referendum – #INEC PVC was a scam the pastor & celebrities sang go collect your PVC is all scam
INEC does not use PVC to determine winner

Welcome to Nigeria referendum
Should Igbo people
Be allowed to leave Nigeria?
Go to
And vote Biafra to leave or stay
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Nigeria has 371 ethnic groups, which are going to be very difficult for country to unite as one country.
Join the revolution now and take back your country
Cast your vote and fill the questionnaire below, but make sure you read and watch the videos about the history of Nigeria before you vote.

This referendum is monitor by the international referendum commission agency
Biafra referendum online voting worldwide – vote Biafra to leave or stay in Nigeria now
If you still want igbo’s to be part of Nigeria or unite together forever

If you want igbo’s Biafra to leave
Go to

And vote Biafra out of Nigeria
Thank you for reading and sharing

Honestly Nigeria is finish is time we take it back or reset the country.

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