Voices of Youth (VOY) Engages the Youth in Global Issues

Young people have the ability to effect a change across the globe and make a difference if they are provided with platforms to do so. Whether it is via social media or writing online about a cause, young people can lend their voice towards making our world a better place.

To provide a platform for young people to express themselves and learn more about issues affecting their world, Voices of Youth (VOY) was founded in 1995 as UNICEF’s vibrant community of youth bloggers.  VOY offers inspiring, original insight and opinion from across the globe – from young people, for young people. Everyone is welcome to write, comment and engage in discussions.

VOY also offers blogging internships, an extraordinary opportunity for young people to improve their writing and research skills, enhance their understanding of global issues, and connect with young people worldwide. Throughout the internship, participants receive personalized feedback on their blog posts, attend a series of live interactive sessions with subject matter experts, take part in weekly lessons on blogging, get access to a network of international youth bloggers, and get an opportunity to have their pieces published on notable digital media platforms. Upon completion of the internship, participants receive a certificate – a valuable addition to their CVs, as they prepare to enter college or the workplace for the first time.

Voices of Youth has already successfully engaged over 170 young people through six blogging internships in the past. This year, interns will focus on and write about topics connected to two of UNICEF’s campaigns – Children Uprooted and End Violence. The initiative is open to 14-25 year-olds from Nigeria and around the world who are looking to improve their writing skills. The internship is done by remote participation, which means that interns are not required to travel anywhere.

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