Video: Why I apologized to Barbra – Sen. Abbo

Senator Elisha Abbo
Senator Elisha Abbo

Senator Elisha Abbo (Adamawa North District) has finally tendered his apology to the lady he assaulted at a sex toy shop in Abuja, after the video went viral on Tuesday.

Abbo who is the youngest senator in the 9th National Assembly was caught on Close Circuit Television (CCTV) installed in the shop assaulting the lady.

The video showed the senator exchanging altercation with the shop attendant and when he tried to seize her phone another lady standing close to him in the store intervened in an attempt to dissuade him from seizing the said phone.

The interference provoked the senator who then started hitting her in the face repeatedly that led to many Nigerians calling for his arrest.

The lawmaker while addressing a press conference on Wednesday in Abuja said he regretted his actions and apologised to his victim (Barbra) and her family as well as all Nigerians.

Watch and listen to him in the video below:

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