Video Marketing – What YouTube Can Do For Your Website

One of my hobbies is to create short videos on the computer. For this I utilize software such as graphics editors and various animation and sound editing software. All of which I got for free off the internet.

Although this sounds complex, anybody can make a video of some kind even if all they have is a microphone and a webcam. You import various clips into a video editor such as Windows Movie Maker which comes with both XP and Vista, where you can perfect it, add titles and credits, narration etc.

About a year ago, I decided to start sharing them with the world. I started uploading these videos to and Google Video. I added my domain name in the credits and on the description, then my traffic increased a little bit. So I made a couple more, including one of which seems to be my crowning achievement. It is a 9 minute video HTML tutorial entitled How To Make A Web Page, it uses a little cartoon character to describe the process as I made a very simple web page with various screen shots and graphically designed backgrounds. As of the date of the writing of this article, this particular video has achieved over 2100 views and is being displayed on 4 other websites according to the statistics that the two sites provide. And best of all, I managed to advertise my own website simply by demonstrating how to add a hyperlink to a web page and using my own domain name to do so. It’s another great way to get your name out there.

Another benefit to this type of Video Marketing is that it can be utilized in a similar way to article marketing in that you can create content which can then be used for free on people’s websites, blogs and ezines. The better your video, the more likely it is to be used. But you don’t have to shoot for an Academy Award or anything, because all it takes is something somewhat interesting or pretty or foolish and somebody will watch it, email it to their friends, etc. Some people even take their favorite song and add photographs to do a video slideshow and upload them to these sites.

Both Google Video and YouTube will provide you with the codes to embed the videos into your website or blog as well as myspace, etc. They also provide you with the link to the video on their server and you are given the option to share them with others so that they may be displayed on their websites and blogs when you first upload them. You can even use many of the videos on YouTube and Google as content for your own site for free. They are also what is considered remotely hosted content, in that you don’t even have to upload huge video files to your web server. Pretty much anybody who has a blog now uses videos from YouTube as content, and a new trend has been moving towards the Video Blog. So in the future this will prove to be a very effective marketing technique.

All it takes is a little creativity, a little ingenuity and a link to your website in the description or your domain name in the credits.

Source by Patrick Rafferty

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