Vialli: Not going away for a while!

Gianluca Vialli has assured that he is coping ‘fine’ after being treated for cancer. “You’ll have to put up with me for a while yet…”

Vialli revealed towards the end of last year that he had battled the disease, having kept it a secret, and the former Juventus, Sampdoria and Chelsea striker believes he is recovering well, amidst speculaton that he could take up a role within the Italy set-up.

“I deserved it,” said the 54-year-old after he was presented with the Giacinto Facchetti Award by Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Perhaps the jury decided to reward me by thinking that next year, it may be too late…

“I’m fine with regards to the cancer and everything is going well. It wasn’t a great period, but I’m trying really hard and training better than when I played football.

“I believe you’ll have to put up with me for a while yet. I owe a lot to football: It’s thanks to football that I bought my first car, my first home and above all lost my virginity.

“Italy? There’s a chance. I thank President Gravina. I’m proud as it’s a prestigious role that must be carried out with responsibility.

“I asked for time to reflect, and I’m thinking it over with the family. It would be great to look after Roberto Mancini again!”

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