“Very similar” penalty to Chelsea: Manchester City face transfer ban

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Illegally signing minors 

Currently, Chelsea FC have to appeal a recent transfer ban, which was placed over the club for the next two transfer windows. Is Manchester City now threatened with the same fate? In England, corresponding rumors have been circulating after FIFA confirmed investigations on the reigning champions.

The Blues Punishment
FIFA gives Chelsea transfer ban: illegally signing underage players
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Supplying the main rumors is a report by the controversial “Sun.” Published quotes from an alleged “FIFA insider,” supply the content. Rank or function of the source was not named in the paper. The informant, speaks in the plural first person, so to some extent, pretends to be involved in the process.

The “Sun” quotes the FIFA source as saying: “We expect there will be an announcement on City, very similar to the one we made on Chelsea, in the next week or two. It is coming very soon.” The Premier League’s table leader is backed by millions from the Abu Dhabi funders. The “Citizens” are expected to have planned investments in new players worth 175 million euros next summer. The investigations are about possible breaches of the rules regarding signing minors.

£1.35bn in expenses
Compared to other clubs: Manchester City’s transfer outlay since 2010
Expenditures vs. income

In a further proceeding, European Football Union (UEFA) is currently investigating possible breaches by Manchester City against Financial Fair Play. The English league is also looking into alleged financial irregularities that came to light in the media as a part of the “Football Leaks.” City has welcomed those investigations and denied the allegations as completely false.

The latest revelations by the “Spiegel” and its partners from the European Investigative Collaborations (EIC) based on the “Football Leaks” showed that ManCity systematically violate UEFA’s regulations, via collusion with a talent school in Ghana, and apparent illegal payments to the adviser of the current BVB professional Jadon Sancho. In addition, the club is said to own hidden investment funds to disguise the club’s funding to the associations.



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