Venezuelan envoy condemns Trump’s drug, terrorism accusations


The Boliviarian Republic of Venezuela has denounced accusations of drug trafficking and terrorism levelled against it by the Trump administration.

 A statement by the envoy of Venezuela in Nigeria, David N. Velasquez, quoting President Nicolas Maduro Moros, stated that the objective of the false allegation was “to divert attention to the global pandemic Covid-19 and simulating the judicialisation of the Venezuelan authorities.”

The envoy wondered why the US government should level such a grievous allegation against the Venezuelan state, including the constitutional President of the Republic, Nicolas Maduro when the world’s attention is focused on containing the Covid-19 pandemic, precisely the main battle that concerns humanity today.

At the same time he said the US government under Donald Trump has banned humanitarian flights from the United States to Venezuela to repatriate hundreds of Venezuelans trapped in the economic and health crisis in the northern country.

Venezuela, according to him, “is working hard toward the protection of lives and guarantee of the health of our citizens due to the acceleration of Covid-19 pandemic’ a battle that our nation is successfully wagging, having managed to stop the contagion curve, reinforcing health provisions and keeping the population in a massive quarantine with low number of positive cases and deaths.” 

He said, “the government of the Boliviarian Republic alerts the world about the reckless witch-hunting steps by the Trump administration to deepen its policy of aggression against the sovereign state of Venezuela.” 

David alleged that “the US government has been supporting armed insurrections to topple the legitimate government of the Boliviarian Republic of Venezuela,” stressing that,  “the latest attack was in continuation of the Trump administration’s vow to remove from office an elected government and install a puppet.” 

The envoy expressed the desire of the people and government of Venezuela to remain firm  and resolute in its fight for peace, adding that, under no circumstances will it yield to what it described as “imperialist aggression however ferocious it may be, to divert us from the sovereign and independent path we forged for 200 years, nor will it distance us from the sacred obligation to preserve the life and health of our people in the face of the frightening global pandemic of Covid-19.”

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