Use the Internet to Make Money – Using Craigslist to Turn Your Fortunes Around!


The internet has rapidly become an information powerhouse that is unparalleled. Not that anyone is trying to give the internet a run for its money but then not even the biggest libraries in the world can match up to the information shared on the internet. And the best part is that every second some absolutely unique information is published on the internet. We are so attuned with the internet today that we invariably turn to it for news or even recipes. Even full-time educational courses are available on the internet today! The world has literally come to your fingertips. And when there is so much information waiting to be accessed over and over again, you’ll know that you can make money in lieu of providing services to your online clients!

Understanding the Google and the Craigslist connection

This is an article on how to use Craigslist to make money and create a fortune. Ask yourself this – What is the most common name that comes to your mind when you think of information on the internet? It is Google invariably. There are some local search engines but Google can truly be called an information behemoth. This is because of the billions of indexed pages on the site that can be accessed with one simple search! Google has a unique way of making money. Because all of the information it shares online is free, it makes money by sharing them free! Confused? Here’s how! Google allows advertisements on its SERPs, and also on sites that are relevant to a search. Now better the page is optimized for Google, the better are the chances of related sites to get clicked. In this way, the search engine giant makes money as well as the domain owners, who get a part of the money generated from this process.

Craigslist is quite similar to Google, only that it can more information on a specific item/place in a country than Google. No one can match Google’s gigantic information highways but then Craigslist uses the same expressways for sharing and providing information on a particular search.

For example, if you’re looking for businesses in the country, you will undoubtedly find much specific information using Craigslist. It is resourceful in the sense that it can provide more specific and accurate information that is more helpful to you in case of a local search. There’s no denying the fact that local searches are far more helpful than a ‘mega-search’. The way Craigslist works is that it helps you find information and in turn makes money not from the user but from the website owner! It is in way that the internet’s own money is being circulated and not the user’s money. Cluttering is a big problem on Craigslist though and efforts are being made to de-clutter the same. So, in case you want to start with Craigslist, you do with a little less clutter (or none at all)!

Be it e-commerce or simple buying, selling or even finding stuff online, Craigslist is the best online money making tool for you!


Source by Reima O Petramaa

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