Twitter unblocks Aisha Yesufu, blames Bot, apologises

Twitter unblocks Aisha Yesufu, blames Bot
Twitter unblocks Aisha Yesufu, blames Bot

Aisha Yesufu, the #BBOG co-founder is live again on Twitter, hours after her account was temporarily locked by the social media platform.

Twitter has unlocked the account, with an apology, explaining that its bot mistakenly flagged Aisha’s account as a spam.

“This can happen if an account exhibits automated behaviour in violation of our rules’, Twitter said in a letter sent by [email protected]

A relieved Aisha tweeted the development, along with a mail sent by Twitter: “Thank you everyone for your voices. I have gotten a mail from @Twitter and I am back. I will continue to be a voice. My voice is not for myself alone but for so many others who unfortunately did not get that education that so many of us take for granted to have a voice.THANK YOU”.

We went on to tweet an acceptance of the apology tendered by twitter, calling on the company to restore her following, a request which had already been granted.

Earlier on Thursday, Yesufu’s handle was blocked with the following message displayed: “Caution: this account is temporary restricted. You are seeing this warning because there has been some unusual activity from this account.

Twitter account of Aisha Yesufu
Twitter account of Aisha Yesufu

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