What business doesn’t want to save money and time? Saving money can help you avoid a lay off or help you add that key employee. Let’s rethink the way we do IT. Many of us don’t realize how many cost cutting technologies are out there that help small businesses be competitive with market leaders. Here is ten original ways you can cut your IT costs.

1) Trade your phone system in for an inexpensive virtual phone services that includes performance normally found only in large corporate phone systems.

2) Stop buying Microsoft licenses and use free web based operating systems and productivity applications

3) Utilize free open source software

4) Use thin clients in the place of desktops for light computer users

5) Remote back up services as a alternative to external hard rives, fire safes & DVD’s

6) Purchase SasS software and pay as you go instead of outlaying a upfront capital investment for a software package

7) Use cloud computing solutions as alternatives to expensive network hardware, for example instead of a email server use a hosted email solution

8) Reduce printing costs buy utilizing email & tools like Google docs that make it so that everyone can view and contribute to documents

9) When you purchase new software consider new SasS software that can easily be integrated with other software packages eliminating heavy maintenance and development

10) Cancel that cyclic PC Desktop estate refresh and get additional years out of your current hardware by increasing the ram and having the computers maintained

11) Eliminate buildings and promote telecommuting


Source by Ryan Westwood

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