The Sky is Not the Limit For Google


To commemorate the first lunar landing on July 20 1969, Google gives the opportunity to its users to ‘fly’ around the lunar surface themselves.

Indeed Google Moon is an extension of Google Maps and Google Earth. The image was taken from the U.S space agency NASA which signed an agreement with Google in December 2006. This agreement promises to make some of the NASA information publicly available online. According to the NASA administrator Michael Griffin, this could soon allow everybody interested to experience a virtual flight over the surface of the moon.

But Google doesn’t stop here with the launch of Google Sky it will allow astronomers a chance to slide through images of more than one millions stars and 200 million galaxies. These images can be seen from the Hubble space telescope. To use Google Sky, Google Earth needs to be installed too. With just a click, you can than see the earth and the sky from a particular location. It is not the first time that Google explores space. Launching Google Mars in March 2006, it allowed users to explore the surface of the red planet. With Google Earth, Moon and now Sky, there is no limit for the Internet giant – and we enjoy the novelty to see something which only a few could until now. At least so we believe 🙂 .

Isn’t it amazing what a search engine company founded not even ten years ago – can do?

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Source by Anja Glauch

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