"The Perfect Store – Inside eBay" by Adam Cohen – Book Review

About the book

The Perfect Store tells the story of eBay. From the humble beginnings, to its current status today. Ebay’s history started from a spare bedroom in Pierre Omidyar’s house during Thanksgiving weekend. Nowadays eBay has over 1,664,000 visitors a day, 20 million registered users and 75,000 people relying on eBay for their income. eBay started as a way to help Omidyar’s fiancee trade with other collectors. It turned a profit in its first month and went on to change the face of business, creating the ‘perfect market’.

The book reveals details of the company’s rapid rise and the fascinating impact it has had on its users through the virtual marketplace. It examines the range of customers, from the woman who wakes at 3.00am to bid on a toaster, to the woman who had to rent a warehouse for her thriving business selling bubble-wrap. The book gives an insight into why eBay has succeeded when so many dot-coms have failed.  The Perfect Store is an essential reading for those trying to understand how the Web is changing business, and for those trying to anticipate the next big thing.

About Adam Cohen

Adam Cohen is an American journalist and assistant editorial page editor of The New York Times. Cohen is a lawyer and author, with a particular interest in legal issues, politics and technology.

Your perfect store

The Perfect Store is a great read. It is fun for everybody who is interested in the early days of the Internet, setting up your own business and creating a world wide company.

If you yourself are setting up your own website it is really inspiring and full of ideas and possible pitfalls. Learn from this great example.

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