The NBA should fine the Heat!

Washington Wizards head coach Scott Brooks joked the Miami Heat should be fined for allowing Dwyane Wade to retire after this season. 

Three-time NBA champion Wade, 37, has already confirmed that the 2018-19 season will be his 16th and final campaign. 

Yet he showed there was no sign of his ability greatly declining as he contributed a team-high 20 points off the bench in Miami’s 113-108 victory over the Wizards on Saturday. 

Brooks said performances like that were evidence that Wade should not be calling it a day – and he quipped the Heat should be punished for the guard’s impending retirement, too. 

“I’m not so sure why he retires,” Brooks told reporters. 

“The NBA need to just fine the Miami Heat for allowing him to retire! 

“Just fine them, just flat out fine the whole team. They should not allow him to retire. He’s too good. He’s too fun to watch.

“Look at the crowd; he draws the crowd wherever he goes. He’s a winner, man.

“The guy competes. His spirit is always in the right spot. You can see all the joy that he plays with.

“He’s a multiple-time champion. He’s too good to retire. I hope he changes his mind.”

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