The Mouse that Roared: PDP 1 Celebration Event -Video

Introduced in 1959, the DEC PDP-1 computer is truly the mouse that roared, a powerful, easy-to-operate computer with a host of new abilities that allowed its users to interact with a computer all to themselves. This was a novelty in the early 1960s when mainframe-based batch processing was the norm and the idea of a computer dedicated to a single-user was heretical, akin to having a personal aircraft carrier. Our panel comprises key figures in the development and use of the PDP-1. Moderated by computer science legend Dr. Ed Fredkin, panelists will explore the creation and impact of this unique machine and how most of its features, functionality and DEC’s philosophy of interactive computing were eventually adopted by other companies years later. Also, please join us for a unique bonus event: One of the Museum’s PDP-1 computers has just been painstakingly restored and will be demonstrated during the evening.


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