The Lord’s Chosen and Mgbidi-Jericho revival


The beginning of every year since more than a decade has witnessed a revival in our midst that has lifted souls to higher pedestal. Unfortunately, it is yet to be given proper recognition by our own people in the comity of events in this part of the world. Most countries from all the continents of the world have demonstrated their recognition of this Holy Ghost-inspired gathering of the saints by the large number of their attendees at the events. But our own people have kept blind eyes to this great annual interdenominational programme being organised by The Lord’s Chosen, which holds every first week of the year at Mgbidi in Imo State.

The programme is loaded with a high spiritual content that has improved the condition, strength and fortunes of those that have participated in the previous event. Therefore, it is potentially capable of addressing our thorny national security and development. Of course, our national problem is in our psyche rather than in nature. And since the spiritual controls the physical, it is necessary we come to the realisation that the solution to mirages of our problems hinges on providing a psychical surgical solution that transcends the physical realm of existence. And this is what the programme offers. The transformational messages that are preached in the programme could serve as a catalyst for addressing our attitudinal problem, which constitutes greater percentge of our challenges.

This epic programme cum retreat has become a divine tonic for participants as it produces in them a spiritual rebirth that steers them to safety throughout the New Year. The programme has not only become a household name but many people, organisations and nations look forward to it as an occasion that prepare them for a new beginning. They came from near, far and very far – the Chinese, white, blacks and coloured. In fact it is the only programme that brings the world together in a single meeting in this part of the world. And no one, including the new attendee, has shown regret for attending. Rather it has been testimonies of marvelous encounter with God and a new experience that set the entire life of the participants on a higher platform. Tears have been seen to have dried, sorrow turned to joy. Petitions received answers. Miracles of healings and deliverances, etc. have been witnessed.

In fact, many have assumed this event as another pilgrimage as it meets all the tenets of spiritual sojourn, retreat and programme that characterize pilgrimages. It is a retreat because people are made to leave the comfort of urban cities where they are residents to Mgbidi, a rural area for the purpose of reconnecting to their God. If there is any programme in this part of the world where the Almighty God has consistently shown His presence and endorsement, it is the Mgbidi special event.

This year’s programme, which has been designed to produce in addition a spiritual backbone that will help all the participants and entire nation overcome the challenges of 2019 electioneering year, is entitled, “What god has determined shall be done.”

Amidst the despondency that has pervaded the mind of the citizenry, this theme is going to elicit the fact that the bases of our hope does not lie on our ability but on what God has predetermined. What happens to us is the established counsel of God being accomplished, because He alone knows the future, plans and how to accomplish it. God knows what’s coming because He plans what is coming and He performs what He plans. God has the rightful authority, the freedom, the wisdom, and the power to bring about everything that He intends to happen. This year’s programme will help the participants to see that in the sovereignty of God is our only hope for life, success, safety and answers to our prayers, for there is no better hope. One basic secrete of any wise man is the understanding that success in life is not only determined by the volume of struggle you put into it. It is not only the intellectuals that are rich, neither is only the strong that enjoys the best of life. What one gets in life is determined by his Creator, and is not by chance but predestined.

We should understand that this time our live are so troubled. People are losing their jobs, stocks are crashing, natural disasters and uncertainties are everywhere. The threat of insurgency and religious militant is no longer a joke. In today’s economy, there is little to hope for the future. But God is not caught off guard, because whatever He determines shall be done.

When Jesus found Himself in the middle of a raging storm, He merely said, “Peace! Be still.” And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm. There is no wind, no storm, no hurricane, no cyclone, no tornado over which our Lord Jesus Christ can say “Be still” and it will not obey. And if it blows, He purposes it to blow.

Pastor Lazarus Muoka, who is the presiding minister promised that the 2019 experience will definitely and positively add value to the participants. There shall be no equal to such divine visitation as God shall supply what He has determined this year for His people.

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