Not everyone enjoys the luxury of having large rooms with big spaces for a large closet or a set of dressers and wardrobes. This becomes a predicament, especially for those who love to shop for clothes. Sooner than later, your possessions will exceed the ideal number of things that can fit in the space available in your closet. The fact is, people are acquiring more articles of clothing much more frequently than getting rid of them. We like to buy things, but we have a hard time emptying the shelves, especially since the trend of fashion these days is going back to the old style of dressing.

One solution for this is to make use of a portable wardrobe. It is much more economical than a common wooden wardrobe or a newly constructed closet. What’s more, there are plenty of these in the market so they are very easy to find. Any local home depot is likely to sell several models of this closet alternative. There are many sizes, designs and materials to choose from.

There are also several useful features. They are made of waterproof canvas or denier fabric. These materials are sturdy and do not easily tear. This ensures that the clothes stored inside are protected from the common causes of fabric deterioration, like insects, moisture, and constant exposure to air and dust. It also makes full utilization of space. There are shelves on top for folded items of clothing; a beam for clothes that needs to be hanged; and some models even have a bottom rack that is perfect for storing shoes. Some models are collapsible and very easy to set up. The width is not too long, so they can be simply tucked into a corner of the bedroom or basement.

Extra storage space is especially important in order to keep seasonal clothes tucked away whenever they’re not currently needed. But they need to be kept in good condition so that they will still be usable when the time comes for them to be taken out. For example, winter clothes, insulated boots, thick comforters and blankets need not clutter your closets during the summer. You can empty out your closets of these things and make room for others that will more likely be used for the time being.

This is also a good option for storing clothing that had been in the family for quite some time. Surely, there are several of pieces of clothing that we simply cannot just throw out or give away as donations. These may be a wedding dress, old baby clothes, shoes and other childhood memorabilia, vintage designer clothes, etc… It’ll be a shame to let go of these things which have sentimental value for us. What’s more, the delicate and old fabrics need to be well kept and protected from insects and rapid yellowing due to air exposure.

Simple storage problems can be answered by simple solutions. More than just having a large space measured by square feet, a good storage receptacle utilizes whatever little space is available for it. This is what you get with these kinds of wardrobe.


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