The i-Buddy – What Is It And Where Can I Get One?

Introducing one of the most innovative gadgets in 2007/08, the i-Buddy has been named the coolest gadget for the MSN messenger. The i-Buddy is a physical representation of your MSN messenger standing only 3-inches tall.

The i-buddy stands beside your computer or clips on your monitor, readily awaiting the next message to translate into a multitude of actions. It will spin, light up, and flap it’s wings according to the keywords and emoticons sent in the message, letting you not only see it on the screen but get a better feel of these emotions. You can program it to recognize a particular buddy account, and it will respond to all incoming messages coming form your buddy.

One of the best parts about this is that you can have yours represent your best friend, which means the i-Buddy will only react to your best friend’s messages or when he or she comes online. You will always know when that special someone is on, even when you’re doing something else! Its heart glows when your buddy comes online.

It shakes its body when your buddy sends you a nudge. It even gets emotional when your buddy sends you a smiley or an emoticon! It also features 8 emotional motions, such as happy and angry, which is expressed by combinations of wings flapping, body twisting and multi-colored light flashing. You can customize and create your own emotional motions too.

The i-Buddy is can only be bought online at the moment, and should be in retail stores in the next couple of months.

Source by Edward Chan

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