The ‘How Philly is Bryce Harper Today’ tracker

Welcome to the first in what I plan to be a tireless look at how well Bryce Harper is ingratiating himself to the city of Philadelphia — How Philly is Bryce Harper Today?

Each home game we’ll evaluate Bryce Harper’s look, actions and overall milieu to determine how well he achieved the goal of being as Philly as possible. Today’s entry:

via @Phillies, Twitter

Bryce scored 85/100 today, good for a solid “B” rating on opening day for …

Flyers reference + Gritty reference + Blue collar tendencies (carrying shoes by hand, not bag).

How I reached this verdict:

Bryce will be judged on a 100 point scale based on numerous criteria and cross-checked with the SB staff for accuracy and verity. Science requires peer review, and this is no different.

  • Repping a cross-sport Philly team: 30 pts.
  • Wearing something referencing Philadelphia (not sports): 20 pts.
  • Displaying blue collar tendencies: 25 pts.
  • Carrying a Philly Cheesesteak: 50 pts.
  • Any Rocky reference: 50 pts.
  • Uses the word ‘jawn’ in a pre-game quote: 40 pts
  • Allen Iverson jersey: 35 pts.
  • Gritty reference: 30 pts.
  • Enjoying any item from Wawa: 25 pts.
  • Wearing something with the “LOVE” statue on it: -40 pts. for being a poser.
  • Eating a Wooder Ice: 60 pts.
  • He arrived to the ballpark after going downashore: 30 pts.
  • Turns up wearing sweatpants and Timbs: 25 pts.
  • His confirmed pre-game playlist is Hall and Oates, The Roots, and Kurt Vile: 20 pts.
  • An Always Sunny reference: 10 pts.

This is only a starting scale. Should Bryce do something eminently Philly not covered by these criteria we will add it to the scale and assign a required points value.

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