There’s a big trend spreading in the Dodgers’ locker room.

No, it’s not Fortnite or kale smoothies. Well, maybe that, too.

It’s actually dairy, or should we say, the elimination of it.

According to a recent story in The Athletic, a few of the Dodgers’ top stars have jumped on the “milk is a bad choice” train and have eliminated dairy from their diets.

It started with Chase Utley a few years ago, then Hernandez went dairy free after the 2017 season, and Seager joined the movement while recovering from injury in 2018. When the young shortstop reported to spring training a few weeks ago, he was down almost 30 pounds.

Now, the dairy-free movement has migrated from the Dodgers’ locker room to a new T-shirt for fans to pick up to kick off the new season.

It’s dairy free L.A.

Dairy Free L.A. T-shirt for $28

Muncy, last year’s breakout star, recently quit dairy too when he saw that Seager had trimmed down to start the new season.

“That right there is a selling point for me,” Muncy told The Athletic. “You’re talking about playing 162 games in 180 days. You’re talking about wearing cleats for all of those, which hurts your feet. Everything hurts. Anything you can do to gain an edge and make your body feel better on a daily basis, why wouldn’t you try it?”

The dairy-free vibes are making their way to Dodgers fans on Twitter, too. When Justin Turner hit a two-run homer against the Cubs on Monday, a fan was quick to name it a “dairy-free dinger.”

Looks like we have our first catchphrase of the 2019 baseball season.

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