Duke’s win over UCF gave us everything we could’ve ever wanted in the ultimate Zion Williamson vs. Tacko Fall matchup. With college basketball’s highest leaper against the country’s tallest basketball player, we were treated to a delightful display of larger-than-life heroes. And it came down to the dang buzzer.

In the 77-76 win for the Blue Devils, Zion scored 32 points on 12-of-24 shooting and grabbed 11 rebounds. Fall, who fell into foul trouble early and fouled out at the end of regulation, scored 15 points with six rebounds. With a spot on the Sweet 16 on the line in the closing moments, it was a play involving both that proved decisive.

Here were a few of their best plays, which we will forever cherish in what’ll be remembered as the battle of Goliath vs. Way Bigger Goliath.

Tacko shut down Zion at the rim early

Hardly anyone in college basketball has mattered to Zion when he ducks his head down and barrels his 285-pound body forward to the bucket, but he met his match with Fall. The UCF big stands 7’6 and 310 pounds — that’s a barrier not even Zion could move.

UCF v Duke

Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Tacko hardly jumped!

Tacko’s put-back dunks were hilarious

The man hardly had to move!

What are you even supposed to do with that?

Please look at Tacko drinking out of this water bottle

He made the bottle look like it’s for infants.

Zion’s layups were GROWN

Few can make one of the game’s most fundamental motions so entertaining, but Zion is one of them. The lefty jumped so high that his double-clutches still keep his head at the rim as he muscled his way to finish the play. This was perfectly fluent.

Look how high Zion lunged to grab this pass

Nobody else does incredible things like this so regularly.

Zion’s bounce passes continued to amaze

Zion is more than a dunker. He’s more than a scorer, too. Zion is one of the league’s best and most creative passers. Somehow he can take his giant muscle of a body and finesse-pass on the break like a guard.

Lobs to Tacko were so dang easy

I mean, lol.

Javin DeLaurier really tried to block Tacko

Bad idea!

Zion was sinking his threes, too!

Williamson was everything on Sunday.

THE Zion play

This was the one, with Duke down three points. Zion took the ball and drove straight for the rim, using his sheer strength to not only foul Tacko out, but score the and-one bucket that would eventually give Duke the lead (thanks to R.J. Barrett’s rebound and finish.)

Tacko vs. Zion was even better than expected. This is March, after all.


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