Ten Reasons Why You Should Be Using Twitter

According to a recent Nielsen statement, Twitter “grew 1,928 percent in the US from June ’08 to June ’09…” This  kind of growth makes Twitter hard to ignore.

Here are ten reasons (aside from the meteoric growth) why you should be using it for your business:

1. Twitter is a super networking tool in addition to being a great social media tool. You can “meet” other business people who are interested in what you do as well as in the products or services you offer.  

2. Real-life meetings called tweetups allow you to meet your followers and people you follow in person. It’s not all about being online. There are lots of in-person events where you can mingle with potential clients or colleagues.

3. Twitter lets you promote events and specials in real time. It also lets you quickly edit or change specials if the market isn’t responding to your first one. Try and do that with a printed piece of collateral…without spending any money!

4. Using Twitter, you can easily keep potential clients updated as to what you do: i.e. just launched a new client website, just published a white paper, my latest book is in bookstores now…next month, I will be the featured speaker at….

5. Real-time updates are fabulous. But Twitter also allows you to add links to these updates. That’s links to purchase your book, read your white paper, register for the conference where you’re speaking, etc.

6. Twitter allows you to monitor what customers are saying about your business…and respond in real time.

7. Posts (or tweets) from colleagues or friends talking about your products or services have far more value than ads, commercials, or other vehicles where you promote yourself.

8. Twitter allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field (assuming of course, that you are).

9. Twitter is an ideal way to connect with reporters since most journalists are now tweeting. 

10. Watched television lately? If so, you’ve no doubt heard anchors referring to stories that broke on Twitter. For that matter, most newspapers do recaps of the hottest stories or trends on Twitter. Twitter has become the “go to” resource for the latest news as well as the most important trends.

There are far more reasons to use Twitter…as you’ll discover once you start. By the way, did I mention that Twitter is free?

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