The new governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, has been sworn in as the fifth governor of the state for a four-year term.
Abiodun was sworn-in alongside his deputy, Noimot Salako-Oyedele, after the duo took the oath of allegiance and oath of office at the MKO Abiola Stadium at Kuto in Abeokuta, the state capital on Wednesday.


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Water Everywhere But Not A Drop To Drink


Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink! This is not a scenario in the ocean, but on land, where global warming has brought about massive flooding, including water reservoirs. Occasionally, there is no electricity as well because the local substation is inoperable due to water flooding. What can we do now? Here is a useful suggestion.

Rebuild our houses with underground water reservoirs. And make it big enough to store water for at least a month’s supply. House compounds should also be paved with a layer of surface, either natural or syntactic materials to trap and filter run off rain water. The filtered water should then be channeled to the underground water reservoir by way of pipes and pumps. The reservoir will be able to accommodate pipe water as well as rain water. Rain water might not be that forthcoming during dry weather season, so if you fill the reservoir with three quarters full of pipe water, you would at least have water during emergencies. There should also be in place an automatic control system for the water so that it would be able to function without supervision. Present day telemetry devices are intelligent enough to make your automatic system trouble free. You can even wire it in such a way that you can check on its condition while away from the house. There will be electric pumps installed to channel the inflow and outflow of water. In case of emergencies, an auxiliary gasoline fired electrical generation set should also be wired into the pumps. It should also be sited at a level where it would not be easily flooded by water, and in this respect, it would be advisable to site it at ceiling levels. This is a very basic system and other items can be affixed to make it a comprehensive system.


Source by Tat Meng Yap

The Larger Issue of Gay Rights Advocacy


Where and How Does Discrimination Start?

It is not as important to figure out how and why, but to continue to band together for social justice movements to stop it. The younger population is setting the tone for moving the country forward and speaking out against discrimination. In the past five to seven years, the country has been emboldened to speak up, stand up, and make statements about what seems to be unfair, and wrong-headed ideas.

The reason that we are able to reach the masses is our voice within social media networks. Fighting against any discrimination starts when people do not stand up against it. It starts when individuals do not band together — when they see injustice in their own backyards. The topic can be as wide and complicated as recycling in your neighborhood because the toxins that are in plastic bottles need to be rectified; as not to poison the drain water for example.

Who was it that said, “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. Maybe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said during those times while African-Americans were being beaten by policemen, hosed by water from hydrants, or bit by dogs, spat on at a lunch counter, slapped for wanting a drink of cool water from a “whites only” water fountain was wrong. Would that type of discrimination be tolerated today? I don’t think so. It’s a different world — that still has a long way to go. It changed when people said, “we are not taking it anymore.”

My personal beliefs are to live and let live. I feel empathy for those who are thought of as “different.” I feel that all of us are different in one way or another, and we all have a duty in this country, the United States of America, to protect those who may not be able to protect themselves from the ravages of discrimination. It is the right thing to do.

Appropriate Changes

Back in the 1960’s, the country was in turmoil in the Southern States because somebody wanted to keep the status quo. Well, others said, “not so,” and made changes. Today we see less discrimination, yet we see it coming down on other individuals for other reasons. Where ever you are and whomever you are discrimination on your agenda should be unacceptable–no matter where it starts to seep. We have to say not in our backyard and strive to make this an extraordinary place to live. The United States is still the greatest place to live. You can live where you want, eat what you want, date who you want, marry who you want. Isn’t this the point of democracy? If not it has to be.

We have work to do, and if the LBGT community is being discriminated against, we have to stand against it and get between it any way we can. Trust me, there will be a time when someone tells you that you can’t do something and you will rebel against that notion. We can not sit back when we see injustice and unfairness taking place. We have to make a stand against it… anywhere and everywhere.


Source by Tracy T. Brittain

Why It Matters



Communities grow its youth in numerous ways. As an award winning educator entering my forty seventh year of educational service; I am delighted with the youth programs I support through the El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs.

Over the years of my volunteerism I am aware of the educational engagement support to families and school districts which have a dynamic impact on the present and the future of urban culture. I have watched as youth of all backgrounds arrive at post-secondary informational events hosted on disparate college settings energized to learn about and find pathways for what can come next in their planning. It is a groundbreaking experience for now thousands of students. A preponderance of these students have a new vision quest because of the exposure offered by this careers program. Energy is a distinctive trait for why this program works for youth.

There are a plethora of volunteers who act as guides for the day and do outreach for inclusion. Judges, business leaders, self-defense trainers, military veterans, a delightful assemblage of American range and diversity people the ranks of volunteers and life-informed believers in helping these youngsters from the secondary school realize who there are and who they can be. Future Selfing is so very important. A subtlety is the culture of respect and positive regard for these students. They are very intuitive and appreciate the positive regard that permeates the intent and best hope that underpins the career pathways plan as realized here. The terminology does not communicate the superlative quality of this youth program or all of the merit that it deserves.

On a personal level, I can remember when graduating from high school cum laude, that my high school counselor called me into her office in my final year to inquire if I thought I might want to go to college. The way this portal operates sends the message: Of course you can go to college or to whatever next preparation best suits you. The inclusive culture and durability of this effort sends a message through action that is stereotype defying and powerful for the future of all communities.

Collateral benefits are captured from a young mentor for the students who choose this exposure… reflections resulting when asked to summarize her personal take on this experience.

I have gained a lot of experience working with youth, learned a variety of things while taking some of their workshops with them. I have met a ton of awesome ambassadors. Volunteering with the setup of the events, I’ve learned some project management skills, organizational skills and definitely leadership skills.

Other organizations offer similar benefit and have done so for decades. All are good villagers. I am happy to visit and review other good works for students.


Source by Delia Armstrong-Busby

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) India, Internet Marketing & Web Marketing Company India


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SEO Masters India has a budget for every type of business and with affordable options to suit your marketing goals; they will certainly increase your online presence!

Feel free to circulate and share out this press release as you wish – if you can post it on your own site or email it to your friends then please do. It’s real time to reproduce the word far and wide amongst the all community across the world.


Source by Rahul Doshi

Oral Agreement by Directors of a Company to Share Profit With a Person: Effect of Failure of Company




A (Managing Director) and B were the only registered directors and shareholders of a Nigerian Company. The company decided to increase its business prospects especially in the public sector by involving C who was expected to use both his expertise and political contacts to gain business advantage and expansion for the company. A and B orally agreed with C that profits made by the company shall be shared equally with C and that C would be made a director of the company. On the basis of the said agreement, C contributed greatly in securing a contract for the company which made A commend C's effort vide a letter.

Consequently, C was designated and instructed to act as the Director of Business Development (DBD) of the company and other efforts were initiated to ensure that C was made a director of the company as orally agreed by all the parties. But there was never any written decision passed to make C a director either was the register of directors of the company amended.

Consequently, the company secured a contract where it made a total profits of N60,000,000 (Sixty Million Naira only). Shockingly, A and B had refused to share the said profits with C.


The scope of this write-up is to: identify the attendant legal issues arising from the scenario; and appraise the identified legal issues in the light of the extant principles of law (statutory and judicial). Also, a brief attempt will be made to advise C on the strength or otherwise of his case.


1. Whether C was in law a director of the company.

2. Whether C can be said to be a partner with A and B.

3. Whether C was an employee or worker in the company.

4. Whether C is entitled to share in the income made by the company


1. Whether C was in law a director of the company:

Typically, the question of: who is a director of a company is more of a question of law than fact. Section 244 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) describes 'a director of a company registered under this Act is a person duly appointed by the company to direct and manage the business of the company'. Undoubtly, the directors' roles are as fundamental to the wellbeing of a company just as blood is to the survival of the human body. Perhaps, that is why company statutes all over the world make special provisions about the procedures of appointment and removal of a director.

In the light of the foregoing, one can safely say that C was not a director of the company because he was never properly appointed so. Although, C was designated as a Director of Business Development (DBD) of the company but nothing was done to amend the necessary registrants of the company at the Corporate Affairs (CAC) registry. In other words, the design of C as the DBD without filing necessary adjustments in the company's register of directors was a mere expression of intention which was never perfected in law.

2. Whether C can be said to be a partner with A and B:

According to Section 3, of the Partnership Law of Lagos State, partnership is the relationship which subsists between persons carrying on a business in common with a view to profit. From the foregoing statutory definition, one can say a partner is a person who carries on business with such other partners. It is imperative to examine the various statutory rules that determine the nature of partnership. Section 4 of the Partnership Law provides that:

(a) "Joint tenancy, tenancy in common, joint property, common property or part ownership does not of itself create a partnership as to anything so held or owned whether the tenants or owners do or do not share any profits made by use thereof .

(b) The sharing of gross returns does not of itself create a partnership whether the persons sharing such returns have or have not a joint or common right or interest in any property from which or from the use of which the returns are derived.

(c) The receipt by a person of a share of the profits of a business is prima facie evidence that he is a partner in the business, but receipt of such a share or of a payment contingent on competing with the profits of a business, does not itself make it a partner in the business; and in particular –

(I) the receipt by a person of debt or other liquid amount by installments or otherwise out of the accruing profits of a business does not of itself make it a partner in the business or liable as such;
(ii) a contract for the remuneration of a servant or agent of a person engaged in a business by a share of the profit of the business does not of itself make the servant or agent a partner in the business or liable as such; .. ''

From the foregoing, it is clear that partnership is a question of express agreement between the partners because the law will not ordinarily presume the existence of partnership between persons doing business together. It then suffices to say that: a mere contract made with a servant or person for remuneration or sharing of company's profits does not ipso facto make such servant or person a partner.

It is noteworthy to state that C's case falls within the contemplation of Section 4 (c) (ii). The legal implication of this is that C was a servant of the company who was owed to share out of the income of the company. But he was not a partner in the strict legal sense.

3. Whether C was an employee or worker in the company:

It is imperative to examine first the Labor Law angle of the relationship that exists between the company and C before considering the strict contractual aspect of the relationship. Accordingly, Section 91 of the Labor Act, 'contract of employment' means an '' agreement, whether oral or written, express or implied, where one person agreements to employ another as a worker and that other person agreements to serve the employer as a worker ''.

In the same vein, the Act defines a worker as '' any person who has entered into or works under a contract with an employer, whether the contract is for manual labor or clerical work or is expressed or implied or oral or written, and if it is a contract of service or a contract personally to execute any work or labor … ''

In the case of Iyere v. Bendel Feed & Flour Mill Ltd., the Supreme Court of Nigeria described a contract of employment as follows:

'' … a contract of employment connotes a contract of service or apprenticeship, whether express, or implied, and if it is express, whether it is oral or in writing ''.

Here, C was a worker or an employee of the company because he was indeed working for the company. In other words, there were enough instructions and directions given to C which point to the fact that C was working for and on behalf of the company when he worked as the DBD of the company.

From another point of view, the facts at hand can also be addressed from the strict contractual agreement sense. It is trite in law that parties are bound by the terms of their agreement. In the case of Akanmu v. Olugbode, the Court held as follows:

'' The elements of a valid contract are offer, acceptance, consideration and intention to enter into legal relations … Once the offer is unconditionally accepted, a valid contract has come into existence ''.

Also, in the case of Dragetanos Const. (Nig.) Ltd. About enterprise | v. FMV Ltd & Ors., The Court of Appeal held as follows:

'' … it is appropriate and necessary to restate the time-honored principle and ingrained in the Law of Contract that, 'pacta conventa quae neque contra leges neque dolo malo inita sunt, omni modo obsevanda servanda sunt', in order words, contractual agreements which have either been fraudulently nor illegally entered into by parties, must in all respects be observed or enforced ''.

Also, in the case of Nicon Hotels Ltd. v. Nene Dental Clinic Ltd, the Court of Appeal held as follows:

'' An agreement voluntarily entered into must have been honored in good faith. Equity looks at the intent and not forms and will always impute an intention to fulfill an obligation ''

In the light of the foregoing, it is safe to assert that a contract can be established between the company and C as evident in the various instructions given to C by A, the Managing Director of the company. Of course, the actions of the parties show clearly that there were offer, acceptance, consideration and intention to create a legal relation among all the parties. Here, the decision of the company and the consequential joint efforts made by all the parties in securing a contract sentence a subsisting and enforceable contract among the parties.

4. Whether C was entitle to share in the income made by the company:

This issue deals primarily with the determination of remuneration of C. Although, the friendly oral understanding between the parties about profit sharing was not contained in any written 'Profit Sharing Agreement', profits would be shared equally because parties had orally agreed it to be so shared. However, it is to be noted that there may arise an evidential issue if A and B deny their oral agreement. It is also imperative to add that: assuming without concurring that there was no agreement (oral or written) among A, B and C, equity will still allow C to share in the profits based on C's sweat equity.

Therefore, it is safe to say that C is entitled to his own share of the company's income because of his sweat equity (he contributed actively in the contract from where the company made N60m). It was indeed wrong for A and B to solely convert all the income made by the company.


In the light of the foregoing, C can either sue for breach of contract of employment, or breach of contract simpliciter which can be deducted from the circumstances of both the actions and relationship of the parties. As answered by the statutory provisions above, the question of what constitutes a contract of employment is a question of law. Of course, the exact remission of C is equal proportion with A and C of the total profits made by the company from the contract carried out by A, B and C.


It is imperative to state that C's case is standing on a very weak footing in partnership law, but it may have a remedy for breach of contract of employment because there was indeed an employment. More specifically as noted above, C can sue for break of contract simpliciter because there was indeed a subsistent contact among the parties.


Source by Muyideen Toyin Oloyede

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Source by Marc Wilson

Sources and Effects of Radio Frequency Interference


Radio frequency interference (RFI) is a serious challenge confronting radio wave propagation. RFI is all around us.

It can come from natural phenomena like lightning and sun spots to a variety of man-made sources. Basically, those trying to protect or prevent against interference signals are more concerned with man-made sources.

Here are some examples of man-made sources:

1. High power broadcast systems such as AM / FM radio and TV transmitters.
2. 2-way Radio
3. Paging
4. Mobile phones
5. Public safety and emergency communication systems
6. WiFi WLAN systems
7. Bluetooth system
8. Microwave ovens
9. Power lines
10. Transformers
11. Medical Equipments

And so on. Each of these sources produce RF energy as they perform their various functions. If any of this equipment is using the frequency channel of your radio equipment and is very close, there will be a serious interference.

In a severe situation, RFI can make RF based systems completely non-functional. It can cause an intrusion of music, conversation, noise or signal distortion. It can also create serious problems in system performance that are extremely difficult to trace back to the RFI. RFI can degrade or totally disrupt signal quality, raise bit bit rate (BRT) to an unacceptable levels of over performance, disrupt connectivity between two or more station, and lower system carrying capacity in common communication system.

Anticipating RFI and providing for its control, prevention and management of RFI are important aspects of communication engineering design.

A thorough study of Radio frequency environment is highly important. To achieve this, a site survey using spectrum analyzer equipment will reveal great information of interest.


Source by Tunde Sofolahan

Work Like a Virtual Assistant – Use Google For Email Part 2


Roll your sleeves up- today we’re going to get some work done! From my first post about working like a virtual assistant (hint: we have to work FAST and CORRECTLY) I told you that you would need Chrome and a free Gmail account.

I’m going to assume you have those by now.

Today we need to pull in every email address you own into one account. No one likes running all over the internet checking email. It has to be convenient.

So I’m going to assume you have a yahoo email, now a gmail email, and some domain based email addresses. This should cover all the main tutorials needed. However, if I left something out please email me. It wasn’t intentional.

OK let’s start with the yahoo email address. You might have set this up years ago for personal reasons and your family/friends still use it. No need to change what they are doing, let them continue using it.

The first thing we need to do is going into setting.

Once you click the gear a menu will pop open with “settings” as an option- click that. You’re now inside gmail’s inner workings.

Click on Accounts and Import. You’ll see the second choice down is “Import mail and contact” This is how you can bring in another email like yahoo, AOL, hotmail, etc. You’ll be asked to enter in your other email and password. Just follow the steps and you’ll quickly be set up.

Next step, bring in your domain based emails. These are emails that end with your web URL- like diane [@] springboarddesigns.com or whatever your URL is. You may have many of these; one for customer service, mail, ezine, support, etc. It’s OK. You can bring them all in one at a time. Just repeat the process below until you’ve imported them all.

Step 1:Log into your host- whoever hosts your email for your domain. This could be GoDaddy HostGator, Bluehost, etc. If you don’t know who this is then go to fiverr.com and pay someone $5 to figure it out for you.

Step 2:Set up your domain based email first. If this isn’t done, call tech support for your host and they will walk you through this.

Step 3:Obtain your mail settings. These will vary based on your host too and will include an incoming server, outgoing server and possibly a port.

GoDaddy Users – Set Up Your Server For Google

GoDaddy users need to first log into your account. After this, click on the black “My Account” button in the top left corner. This will take you to a list of all the products you’re currently purchasing from GoDaddy Find email and click it.

Here you will see either a paid plan or a free plan, but either way a green “Launch” button should be to the right of it. Click that.

Next you’ll want to look for server settings.

Write down the pop information and SMTP information.

Any Other Host That Uses Control Panel

Almost every other host on the planet uses what we call Cpanel or control panel. GoDaddy has to be different I guess. So if you use HostGator, Bluehost, or any other host with Cpanel access then this is where you need to be. Most of the time, you log into your cpanel by going to yourdomain.com/cpanel If you don’t know this log in information you can contact your host. If you do, log in and viola! You’re at the cpanel. So far pretty easy!

Then find email accounts.

Here you can configure web mail very easily.

After clicking on Configure Email Client, you will see the settings you need (incoming/outgoing server and ports) to bring your information into Google.

Virtual Assistant Tip!

Here’s the best tip I’ll give you all day. You can skip all this malarkey and just call customer service and have them walk you through it! This is what I highly recommend!!!

OK, now that you have your server information go back into Google email and click on settings.

Go to Accounts and Import and click on Add another email address you own.

Follow the wizard to enter the settings from your server. Do not do an alias or anything else that is “easier” as Google suggests. If you do, you won’t be able to send “from” that email with it looking authentic.

The last thing it will ask you for is a verification code. You’ll need to check web mail to get this. On any other host besides GoDaddy, it’s right next to where you clicked to get your server settings. Only it says check web mail.

On GoDaddy it’s right after you click on My Account and you’re looking at a list of your own products.

After you go into your web mail, get the code that Google emailed you- and then go back to your Gmail and enter that code in.

That’s it, now you’re set up.

I will say this again as I can’t say this too much.

  • This is the hardest part of using Google email. Out of all the other tips I’m going to give you- this is the most important/hardest one you’ll do.
  • CHEAT! Call your host, ask for tech support and ask them to help you get your domain based email into Gmail. They will- it’s part of the service you pay for.

OK, now you can look forward to the rest of the series of posts. They will be fun, time hacks, that will show you how to do more in less time. Remember, the goal here is to stay on top of your email so you can start to do other things with that spare time like writing amazing blog posts that will attract your perfect customer!


Source by Robert S Miller

The Dynamics of Motivation and What Makes Employees Put in Their Best


All organizations big or small require people to be a success. It is not the infrastructure or leadership alone enough to achieve great results. Keeping people happy is the best way to retain employees and ensure good productivity. We take a look at some of the factors that will help motivate the employees of your organization. Incorporating these factors into the working environment of your organization will ensure superior performance and low attrition rate. A good business head needs to be aware of motivational dynamics and how to efficiently implement it for great results.

Appreciation and recognition

Whether it is a small achievement or a big one the concerned employee should be appreciated. Say 'you have done a great job' or 'you are a great employee'. This does not cost you anything, yet does wonders to the self-esteem of the employee. The organization should define rewards and recognition for impressive performance. This makes the employees feel that the company truly cares for them.

Adequate Financial Compensation

Money does matter. That is why most of the employees are in your organization in the first place. After all, they have to run their homes. So dole out salies which are decent without contracting the finances of your firm.

Be Fair

If a company is honest and transparent in its policies and processes the employees feel that they are treated with respect. A transparent promotion process should be in place. This ensures that no employee feels aggrieved. A fair environment inspires employees to put in their best.

A Good Environment

Do not think every employee is present because of the salary alone. Some take pleasure in working for the sake of working alone. A good environment requires that employees be treated with respect and dignity. You will find that most employees will go the extra mile if given a conductive environment.

A Comfortable Infrastructure

Your employees are putting in their best. Performance can be at its peak if a decent infrastructure is in place. This includes aspects such as the aesthetics of the place, room temperature, lighting, seating and facilities for recreations. Good food and great ambience are potent motivational reasons.

Individual Progress

Along with company's progress, the progress of the employees is also sacrosanct. Training workshops could be arranged to update the skill sets of the employees and boost their confidence. A roadmap depicting milestones in their career trajectory within your organization helps the employees to visualize their progress. Employees should be allowed to pursue education other than their routine work. Merit should be the prime factor while doing the performance appraisals.

Everyone likes to have Some Fun

All work and no play makes Shyam a dull boy. Work becomes monotonous and difficult when there are no breaks for recreation and fun. Take your employees out for a picnic or excursion. Give enough holidays so that employees can attend to their personal work and return to office refurbished and rejuvenated.

Finally, everyone is different and motivated by different reasons. Taking all this things into account will surely make your place a great one to work and have fun.


Source by Maya Pillai