The new governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, has been sworn in as the fifth governor of the state for a four-year term.
Abiodun was sworn-in alongside his deputy, Noimot Salako-Oyedele, after the duo took the oath of allegiance and oath of office at the MKO Abiola Stadium at Kuto in Abeokuta, the state capital on Wednesday.


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How to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook


Facebook is a very powerful tool if you’re promoting a business with global reach. It can be a huge challenge, however to use the platform in marketing a local business because of the limited area you are serving.

But then again, there are still other ways you can do to let more people about your business offerings. These are just simple steps which, if done consistently, can help increase awareness of your local business.

Use More Videos

Not many people know that using Facebook native video is effective in reaching more people through your news feed. What you can do then is create videos with a local appeal.

It does not necessarily have to be about your products or service nor you should have it done by a professional. You can simply cover a local event or share a useful tip that will spark the interest of your followers.

Use More Images

With images, you should find time to snap local photos such as when you go out around town. Keep in mind that interesting photos often get shared and when you do that on your Facebook page, you can be sure to attract attention onward.

If possible take photos of local scenes as they’re more likely to attract the attention of people who are familiar with the place.

Feature Customers and Fans

An effective way of attracting people to your Facebook page is by featuring photos of loyal customers. People are often attracted to personal photos hence, it’s a great idea to encourage them to tag themselves in your images or share photos taken in the premises of your business.

Do remember, however, that only people can tag other people or tag themselves in a Facebook page. A page does not have an ability to tag a fan on Facebook.

Also, find time to thank your fans and followers through images. They will appreciate you for doing this and will even attract their friends.

Use Reviews

The Reviews feature of Facebook page is another great way to show your social proof. It also displays prominently on mobile phones hence, do not take this for granted.

To display the Reviews tab on your page, set your category as Local Business and include a physical address. And ensure that you reply to every review you receive whether it’s positive or negative.

Join Local Groups

Find Facebook groups and join those that you think would benefit your business. Be aware, however, of their rules for posting before joining to make sure that you become a member for the long term and enjoy the perks.

Take note that you need to use your personal profile, though, to become a member. A Facebook page does not have this capability.

Offer Incentives

Offering perks every now and then is also a sure way to grow your followers. Incentives you can offer are discounts, free eBooks and gift certificates.

Start with any of these steps and you’re on your way to attracting more fans and potential customers to your local business.


Source by Wendy Chamberlain

Facebook’s New ‘Click-To-WhatsApp’ Ads Will Start Chats With Businesses


Facebook has always given a very nice feast for its users. All the features have always amazed its users with its outstanding creativity. Now the Facebook has come up with the new feature of advertisement unit, with ‘Click-to-WhatsApp’. This will allow the users to message and call via WhatsApp, with a simple option of clicking button.

This new feature of Facebook has really thrilled many of the people. The businesses can leverage this feature and do WhatsApp Marketing very easily. This feature has given the advantage to the customers of your business to use Facebook ads to directly message on WhatsApp. The businesses can easily approach its customer directly. Many of the businesses are already using WhatsApp to communicate for their business purpose. It is a very convenient and faster way of communicating in business with its customers and other well-wishers. Businesses will be much simpler in the real sense, once the WhatsApp button is added to the Facebook ads of the business.

The businesses can easily leverage the benefits of this cross-platform amalgamation and keep the audience engaging with the businesses. This feature of the Facebook allows it to use a very dependable data for the businesses. This feature acts as a WhatsApp Marketing software for the businesses, where the company can easily do the marketing of its services.

How it works:

The business basically needs to have WhatsApp number on the Facebook ads and then these ads can easily be sent to the users of the Facebook who have the WhatsApp installed in their cell. To initiate the chat, the WhatsApp number needs to be added to the businesses. Then further, the ad image will appear on the conversation of the WhatsApp as a reminder for the people. In this way, the businesses can chat very easily with the audience, which will give the thrilling experience to connect with your business for a longer duration. The businesses can reach its large number of customers, making this feature just like Bulk WhatsApp sender software.

This feature of Facebook may appear similar to its click-to-Messenger button, which it had earlier introduced. However, the Click-to-WhatsApp ads appear more beneficial for the small and medium-sized businesses. This new feature of Facebook definitely embarks a new pattern in the marketing style for the businesses. The small and medium business should have to leverage this feature and boost up its business. The Click-to-WhatsApp feature of Facebook will make a great impact on the audience.


Source by Golam Ambia

Facebook Page Layouts – Making Sense of Facebook's Redesign


While it's been months since the last overhaul of Facebook page layouts, a lot of Facebook fan page owners and admins still wonder how to best cope with the changes. The redesign has been particularly confusing for many new users who do not have the benefit of context to fully understand what the fuss is all about. If you belong in this category, here are some pointers to get you up to speed.

A Brief Overview

The quickest way to sum up the latest round of Facebook fan page changes is to see it as further integration with Facebook's personal profiles. The changes in Facebook page layouts are a logical follow-up to similar changes to the design and layout of personal accounts on Facebook. With more integration, both sides benefit from a unified Facebook look and better usability across both platforms.

What Changes Have Taken Place?

There are four immediately noticeable changes to the layout of a Facebook page.

Wall. You now have more options on what your page wall displays. A new filter allows you to choose between showcasing top posts from fans, or stick to your own posts as a form of quality control. There's also the recent posts option to keep the posts in chronological order, if you prefer it that way.

Navigation and Loss of Tabs. In its previous version, Facebook page's navigation tabs are conveniently located at the top of your page wall. Now, however, these tabs are moved to the left column right under the page profile photo. This presents both a challenge and a benefit. For one, it takes some getting used to both for you and your fans. The size of your profile photo also becomes an important consideration, as you do not want it to be too tall to dwarf and push down the little navigation section of tabs below it. But there are benefits as well, most notably the fact that you can now rename your tabs or page sections with longer names, whenever necessary.

New Photostrip. Replacing the predominant placement of your page tabs is the photostrip, a series of five photo thumbnails representing the last five photos that your page has uploaded or been tagged in. This mirrors the layout of Facebook personal accounts, and presents a nifty new way of extending your visual branding on your Facebook page.

Adoption of iFrames. By this time, iFrames are the only means of customizing page tabs or sections, as opposed to the previous common practice of using FBML apps to create custom tabs. Again, this presents an opportunity and a challenge. Full iFrame adoption means more creative room for content such as audio, video, Web forms and dynamic design for Facebook fan pages. But this platform is not going to host the content for you, and you'll have to provide your server or hosting solution to carry the content and stream it on your custom tabs.

The Takeaway: The Facebook Redesign Allows More Opportunity for Creative and Customized Fan Pages

There have been many successful pages that infused new ways of using Facebook page layouts to achieve their social media engagement goals. One successful method of increasing page likes, in particular, takes advantage of iFrames to create a custom landing page or reveal tab that opens up for non-fans of the page. This reveal tab essentially introduces the page to non-fans and urges them to like it. In return, new fans can then access exclusive content, discounts, a free video, report, eBook or some other incentive.


Source by Gary O 'Brien

Facebook Is The Great Platform for Social Businesses


People’s enthusiasm about having a Facebook Business Page. How does it work? And Why it is widely known for human capacity. Countless advice and tips we can share this content.

The most important to consider when using Facebook for business in marketing is the Facebook Stories. Facebook Friends will only see your posts. To attract and interact with a business, including those you want, specifically your Facebook Friends consisting your family, neighbors, relatives, classmates, old friends and the people who know you. The said social media platform has 5,000 friends limits, In which marketers should think before clicking the creative idea for marketing. Facebook Stories would be your another approach for appealing potential audience for maximizing speaking skills as your affirmation. Bear in mind that the apprehension to approach Facebook stories to your business will indicate you to their friends and networks.

The idea that helps to grow your business:

Facebook Live Video – Figure a topic that your audience is attentive. For example, say “hi” to your audience, thank them for their sympathy, answer some questions on your blog and even answer readers comments. It strengthens your fans to measure its session slightly than waiting for a reply. Share the behind-the-scene of your business, announce an upcoming event, give your fans a sneak peek, answer frequently asked question (FAQ). It is an important part of any business, and lastly, engage with your Facebook Group Members.

Facebook Messenger – Abbreviated as Messenger, this application let their users send messages to each other, and has integrated support for SMS and chat heads. It helps to increase the numbers of the audience to your business and nurturing the relationship with your clients. Keep these best practices in mind: feast you chatbox like content marketing, be sure that the site is mobile-responsive, tell the audience how and where to control you, and enter browsing menus if pitiable.

Facebook 360 – It allows to see the photo to every angle such as above, behind and next to you, the middle of the picture is set automatically. This is unlike regular image; they let you customize the picture into 3D view. In sharing a 360 photo it gives a significant opportunity to experience.

People use Facebook 360 to excite tourists to visit. So, on the other hand, this tool used for digital marketing. It qualifies to experience adjacent virtually and gives reason to visit offline.

Enhancing transparency of the business help to developed and delivered a notice of the business. In fact, announcing an innovative line of the product is to get the fast and attract the attention of the audience to social media.

Today, Facebook followers will see your posts. Don’t afraid of it. They are the businesses hidden goldmine. But the reality there is no different on other social media it has gone another level. Social media is the key to each success’ marketing efforts, everywhere you look. There’s no scheme to deny the power of social media, business marketing isn’t the only way. The organic of social media platforms is now publicly to generate the profits of algorithms for their stakeholders. The marketing plan of social media is the great platform. Combining the comprehensive plan is the best idea of growing the potential clients.

Countless advice and opinions on how to grow your business is a lot. Instructors, coaches, teachers, advisers, friends, and family member are your companion to your business. They think and help on how to grow the business, sometimes they help, but in the end, it only comes in one ear and goes and choose the right thing that’s you, ourselves. As a deal-maker or entrepreneur, don’t ignore advice, In which, figure it out to makes sense for the business. Convince them the possible nor impossible for your life and social businesses.

Some days motivations are coming, and you will feel the work. To get motivations are applicable in many ways. The focal point on your journey and do the job to build your business. Sit back and relax, schedule and complete tasks, no matter how you feel, put it together. Think to improve your Facebook strategy, enhance and customize your Facebook business page. Use hashtags for standard advice amidst social media marketers. Share personal highlights to advertise and promote services on a daily basis. The presence of having a business page is significant.


Source by Jomarie Salindo Albarico

12 Facebook Sarging Tips


If you’re thinking of going Facebook sarging to pick up hot girls then you need to have an attractive profile and some openers that will get a favourable response!

I suggest you take a look at the following tips to pick up girls online:

1. Get a profile picture that shows other hot girls having fun with you! This will prove that girls enjoy your company and that you’re not a weirdo behind a laptop.

2. For the rest of your pictures, i certainly wouldn’t go crazy with hundreds. Have about 50 to show you have a life but don’t spend it all on Facebook!

3. Get some extreme sport photos of you snow boarding, surfing, kayaking, hang gliding, bungee jumping etc. Show that you are exciting and a thrill seeker!

4. This one is important! Get some extra photos where hot girls are loving your company! This will create more trust and comfort with you!

5. Show that you’re sensitive by getting some photos cuddling a cute Puppy or Kitten! Girls will love you for this!

6. Demonstrate that you’re well travelled by showing photos in front of famous landmarks! Chances are, if she’s been, you have a conversation point there!

7. Turn your relationship status off! Don’t make it easy for her by saying that you’re single! Make her work! If she asks you, then you have an indicator of interest!

8. Correct and grammar or spelling errors! To get the high value girls, you have to be high value yourself!

9. Don’t ever use annoying 15 year old girl text speak on your profile!

10. Don’t leave your profile open for anybody to just check it out! She won’t need to add you if she can already see everything!

11. Delete any wall posts that give you up as a loser! There should be nothing on there that shows you up as being boring, stupid or lacking a fun lifestyle. Be ruthless!

12. Send out complimentary wall posts to your existing female friends. Hopefully they will reply asking you out for a coffee or a catch up. This will create social proof, trust and comfort!


Source by A C Jackson

Do Facebook Ads Work?


The question of the effectiveness of Facebook advertising is something online marketers have pondered on since the social media giant opened its doors to advertisers in 2010. Facebook had at that stage already attracted over 400 million users, who could join for free, so the next logical step was to offer advertising space, a decision that turned Facebook into one of the most profitable online businesses. The problem for Facebook was how they could compete with Google’s tried and tested advertising platform, which had an established and loyal user-base. We look at the features and benefits of Facebook’s advertising platform and whether it’s a worthwhile offering for marketers.

Whilst Facebook executives are adamant that their advertising platform does work, they do insist that you need to look beyond the actual clicks and stats to see the real value of the ads. This doesn’t sound like a great position to start from if you are trying to sell this service, but it has led to marketers finding their own ways of evaluating the effectiveness of Facebook ads. Facebook enlisted a group of marketing experts to rate the retention of the premium engagement ads that large companies run on Facebook home pages. Through this analysis, three crucial factors were identified that play a role in helping people to remember an ad, namely: the focal point, brand link and the tone of the ads.

It would seem that to fully understand the value of Facebook advertising, we need to factor in how these ads influence all other online activities, like organic search for example. Due to the nature of Facebook’s display ads, marketers have found that there was a significant increase in branded searches. Facebook users would not necessarily be tempted by an advert initially, but the subsequent spike in interest for a brand shows the real value of this advertising. The cost for each acquisition will be lowered because you will be paying less on your branded search terms. Facebook ads can be precisely segmented by relevancy and targeted demographics which results in lower CPC (cost per click) rates.

So it seems that there is inherent value in using Facebook for advertising, even if the statistical comparison to Google AdWords shows otherwise. Advertisers should use Facebook ads to focus on their brand visibility and to pique interest from consumers. Facebook advertising might not necessarily work for you or the industry you are in, but it is a worthwhile option to test. As with any investment, the safest option is to diversify and spread your risk.


Source by Kelso Hannay

Facebook Friends or Enemies? You Have Been Served


Social media sites are not unfamiliar to the investigative and legal worlds. A lawyer, whether acting as a defence attorney or working for the prosecution, would be remiss without doing some basic searches among social media, and a private investigator might well find the key to the case somewhere on Facebook or Twitter. A little hunting around might reveal that someone on the other side has been #up to no good!#

Yet Facebook use officially authorised by the court system is of fairly recent vintage. Australia was the first, back in 2008, to allow a Facebook message as a means of alternative service of court papers, in that case a foreclosure notice. Since then, the practise has become more widespread in Australia and New Zealand, joined by Canada in 2011, England’s High Court allowed it in February 2012, and just weeks ago, a state court in New York authorised a father to serve child support papers on his former wife via Facebook message.

It’s logical enough – people being served legal papers of any kind typically don’t want to be found. Often they’ve fled known previous addresses and have taken any number of steps to stay off the official radar, probably changing phone numbers and email addresses. This can make all traditional forms of service virtually impossible. In this social media dominated age, Facebook seems like a viable alternative. Everyone knows plenty of people who seemingly can’t be reached outside of Facebook, but are easy to find (and find out a lot about!) on Facebook.

However, there are a few things the legal world has to watch out for. The court has to be convinced that traditional service of papers has been tried and failed and that the Facebook account belongs to the right person and is still in regular use. Moreover, all of this has to be determined within the legal code of ethics that would forbid so-called predatory friending. An investigator can’t simply send a friend request to the man who defaulted on his mortgage to make sure he’s still getting messages that way.

The use of Facebook messaging in such cases has often moved cases along toward a legal resolution – a good outcome, for sure. In a bit of a twist, Facebook is pretty happy about it, too! Where one might expect the company to wish to avoid the negative associations, when company spokespersons have spoken about it, they have expressed pleasure that courts have validated the security of Facebook’s internal messaging function.

Who knows, it could lead into a new line of business for the social networking site! There is already a growing link between Facebook use and divorce, and there are plenty of Facebook pages, like this one, offering free access to divorce papers and tools for filing them. From start to finish, then, from cause to resolution, Facebook, like Google before it, can be everywhere. With an estimated 1,317 billion Facebook users, there are plenty of potential players in the Facebook legal drama.


Source by James D’Erinlea Graham

Growing Your Facebook Fans Easily


Social media is so interesting because many of the popular channels come and go. However, there are also some social media channels that have been strong since their inception and they are even stronger than ever now. Facebook is one of those. It started out in a much more limited way than it is now and it is still extremely important to grow your Facebook fans for the benefit of your business and of your brand.

The challenges of Facebook

If you have a Facebook profile and you recognize your need to grow the number of fans that you have, that is challenging enough. On the other hand, if you have created a new page (for example, a new page for your brand), it can be even more challenging. In the past, it may have seemed easier to acquire new fans pretty easily and quickly. The reason that you might have had that perception is because it was easier.

Nowadays, on the other hand, it is much more difficult. The reason for that is, simply put, the volume of your competition. The fact is that if you want to grow your fans (it is safe to assume that you are looking for top-quality, relevant fans), it will take more effort and time on your part than it would have in the past. Of course, it goes without saying that you want to engage your Facebook fans as well. At this point, you may be asking yourself how you go about accomplishing that.

  • Identify your target audience first: The reality is that before you can do anything, you need to identify exactly who your target audience is and what they want and need. This needs to happen even before you start to use your Facebook profile to increase your number of fans. Of course, you don’t want or need everyone who is on Facebook to be one of the members of your target audience. It is very important that you understand that you must be able to solve the issues that your target audience members are experiencing. If you can’t do that, they are not truly your target audience members.
  • Use the most appropriate voice: Once you have figured out exactly who are your target audience members, the next thing that you have to do is to establish a connection with them. If you don’t start to interact with your target audience members, you will not be able to establish a relationship with them. As you are probably well aware, the relationship is at the heart of your ability to succeed. When it comes to your content, you need to write with your target audience members in mind. Your content needs to resonate with your target audience. That is how you establish an emotional/human connection.
  • Engage with your target audience members: When you are considering how to write your content, you also need to consider your environment. In other words, you need to think about how your content will affect people once it is housed in your particular Facebook page. You will notice that some of your content works more effectively than other content. If you have posted content and you see that very few (or no) people have read it, you understand that you should not be posting that type of content because it isn’t working for you. There are several different things that you can post and you will achieve positive results. Some of them are questions (thought-provoking), interesting photos, statements in which the target audience member needs to fill in the blank, and contests in which they would like to participate.
  • You need to stay with it for the long-term: Although you may not need to invest a large amount of money in your Facebook efforts, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to invest anything. Your investment is in the form of time and effort. If you wish, you can also invest money (in the form of paid advertisements); however, it is not necessary and, in many cases, you will find that you have invested money and those advertisements don’t yield anything. How frustrating is that?
  • Stay focused and breathe: As you are growing your fans, you must always remember to stay grounded. If you have any chance of relating to your target audience, you will only accomplish that by connecting with them as one human to another. Your ultimate goal (as is the case for everyone) is to sell your product and/or service. However, you can’t be pushy about it. You need to develop the relationship with the other person, fortify it over time, build trust and credibility, and then, eventually, the other person will probably want to buy what you are selling.
  • Stay committed to your schedule: People love a schedule that they can count on. That means that if you commit to posting your content twice a week on certain days and at certain times, you need to stick with that. Human beings are creatures of habit and they rely on being able to read your content when they expect it to appear online. That isn’t so much to ask (from their perspective) and it will not require a great deal of effort on your part either.
  • Pay attention to the analytics: Analytics and metrics are extremely important for your business because they give you a clear indication of how you are doing and how you can improve upon what you are doing. You will want to pay attention to specific things and if those things are not working or don’t seem relevant, you will need to refocus your attention elsewhere.


Growing your Facebook fans is very important for your professional success. As is always the case with social media, you will need to make sure that you surround yourself with relevant, top-quality connections with whom you can share a mutually beneficial relationship. If you make the appropriate online connections and you connect with those people on a human level, you can successfully grow your fans without allowing it to hurt your budget too much. However, it is important to understand that it is not enough to simply create a Facebook page and then sit back and wait for people to become fans. You will need to work it. You will then start to see the positive results that you have caused to happen.


Source by Michael Cohn

How You Can Increase Facebook Page Likes: Five Secrets Revealed


Facebook is really a great platform for promoting a business, brand and connecting with customers. But do you think leveraging the power of Facebook for a business is really simple? Well, actually it is not. Only updating your Facebook wall cannot make people come to your page and respond. It has been observed that many business owners use Facebook without a defined marketing plan. As a result, most of them stop updating their pages when they stop getting the desired results.

So what can be done to get more likes on Facebook? You should work toward getting likes for both your Facebook page and the posts as mere liking of your Facebook page doesn’t guarantee that all of your posts will reach those people who liked your page.

After checking on an individual’s past likes, the entire likes on the post, and the post’s age, Facebook decides what shows up in somebody’s News Feed. Based on my own experience, here are five easy tricks that have improved engagement on my Facebook page:

• If you have a website, create a blog section and maintain it with regular updates. Use Facebook like and share button, and plug-in in your blog posts so that the visitors of your site can share those posts easily after reading.

• Write relevant, unique, engaging, and easy-to-understand contents for social media promotion. Try infographics and video contents too.

• Make the use of relevant and eye-catching images as a regular part of your content strategy to increase engagement and reach on your page and posts. Also, you need to give importance to right timing. If you are posting when a major amount of your target audience is asleep, it is just pointless. So, to know what works best for your target audience, schedule all the posts for a few days at the same time of day or try experimenting with post frequency. After that, it will be easy for you to check via Facebook Insights whether engagement rate on your page has increased or decreased.

• Promote your Facebook page on your other social media accounts, like Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

• Start engaging with other pages. Share your thoughts in response to other people’s posts. Comment as your Facebook page rather than from your personal Facebook profile.

Hope these basic tips can help you go a long way in promoting your page on Facebook.

Do you have any other tips on increasing engagement with your prospects and customers on Facebook? Feel free to share what tactics you have applied. Leave a comment here.


Source by Kamalika De