Suso in long AC Milan crisis: renewal uncertain but Gattuso does not give up | English News

09 April at 10:30

Looking for the real Suso. As reported by Gazzetta dello Sport, silence has fallen, both on and off the pitch. Until a few weeks ago, the renewal of the contract – with the elimination of the 40 million release clause – was the subject of discussion. But the issue remained pending, as did the player’s future, open to any possibility.

Uncertainty obviously does not help the Spaniard. This does not explain the technical drop in quality but it is nevertheless another aspect of his black moment. Today Suso is silent on the field. Gattuso, however, believes in him very much.

There may be a link between the drop in performances of the winger and that of the team but it is equally true that Suso’s difficult period has been ongoing for a longer period of time: he has not scored since January 21 and is also less decisive in favour of his teammates than usual.

Gattuso will try again. Or rather, he will continue to trust Suso. The Spaniard remains the only one who can show some spark, given Paqueta’s injury and Calhanoglu’s move to the midfield trio. But it is certain that Milan need the best version of Suso. His goals and assists are needed in the race for the Champions League.

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