Hopefully, if there is an issue with a transaction the customer will contact you before arbitrarily handing out negative feedback.  Usually, any matter can be resolved to the satisfaction of both buyer and seller.  However, occasionally a negative will appear without warning.  If it does, go to your Feedback page, at the top, click on FEEDBACK FORUM.  On the right, under FEEDBACK TOOLS, click REQUEST FEEDBACK REVISION.  Hopefully it’s your only one but if not, you will see the list of negatives left over the last 12 months. 

This is where damage control begins.  You get 5 feedback revisions a year per 1,000 feedback.  Click on the feedback you want to have revised.  Often, an enticing offer to the customer will get them to remove the negative.  You could offer them a substitute item for free, future purchase discount, free shipping, or even a refund.  Resolve the issue and move on even if it costs you money.  You want to get that negative comment removed.

If you receive inappropriate feedback contact eBay and they will usually remove it.   Inappropriate comments are profanity, website links, racial remarks, abusive language, and personal attacks. Other negative feedbacks that can be reviewed and removed by eBay include an unpaid transaction where the buyer does not respond to the unpaid item process.  If the buyer does respond to the unpaid item dispute but his reason is unreasonable or ridiculous his feedback can be removed.  One of my favorites is, “my kid did it by accident.” 

If eBay suspends a buyer any negative/neutral comments will be removed.  Remember to always file Unpaid Item Disputes.  A buyer with too many UPIs will be suspended. For more information on eBay selling and working with buyers, visit the eBay Coach Blog.


Source by Suzanne Arant-Wells

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