Start a Corporate Picnic Business! Make $1,500 to $10,000 in One Day!

There is a basic need among corporate America for a specialized company to handle all the time consuming details involved in producing a company picnic. Usually, the person handling the details of the picnic is plenty busy doing their regular full time job. The last thing they want to do was to have to handle the undertaking of coordinating the picnic too. They are thrilled when they find out that there is a company (you!) that will handle all the fun and games for them.

You can start a part time or full time business to provide services to corporations having company picnics. You can start with just a few hours of organized games for adults and kids. As the business grows, you can start adding other services for very little cost. These services are easy and inexpensive to add. Things like soft drinks, cotton candy, bingo, prizes, snow cones, spin art, sand art, temporary tattoos, etc. Anyone can do this. Just buy the supplies and materials and take them to the picnic. Organize the events, keep the kids busy and entertained, and have fun. It’s the easiest, most fun money you will ever make.

Put together a roster of different services in a package deal for the customers, depending on their budget. If you just want to provide games, contests, prizes, etc. for four hours, you might charge $500 or $600. Keep adding more services for more money. For example, you might add snow cones or cotton candy, bingo with prizes and extra games (sack races, egg toss, tug of war, etc.) for an additional $400. The list of other services you can add is almost endless.

You can also make money by sub-contracting a caterer to serve the meal. They will knock a dollar per person off the meal price for you. They do all the work and you make a dollar for every person attending. The average number of people at a corporate picnic is about 300, so you will make another $300 for doing nothing more than lining up the caterer. You can also sub-contract clowns, magicians, jugglers, etc. They will also give you a reduced price for booking them at the picnic. You can get an additional $50 per performer this way. It all adds up to a lot of money just for booking the services. This can also be done with pony rides, petting zoos, caricaturists, and much more.

If you want to invest in more expensive attractions later, such as moonbounces (that giant pillow type inflatable ride you see kids jumping up and down on at all of these types of events), dunk tanks, other inflatable attractions, sound systems, etc., you can easily make thousands of dollars in one day. Plus, there is very little, if any, competition for providing these specialized types of picnic services. There is money to be made in this easy, fun business. You should seriously consider this unique business opportunity.

Source by James L. Miller

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