Stakeholders develop toolkit grow agriculture in Nigeria

Stakeholders develop toolkit grow agriculture in Nigeria
Stakeholders develop toolkit grow agriculture in Nigeria

By Sylvester Thompson

Non State Actors (NSA) in the agricultural sector, have developed a toolkit to facilitate performance of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP) across the country.

The toolkit is known as NSA Country Reporting Template on progress made for implementing June 2014 Malabo Declaration: Biennial Review Qualitative Data (NSA Value Addition), comprising 47 Indicator Reporting Sheet.

Ms Constance Okeke, the Project Manager, Public Finance for Agriculture, ActionAid International, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday in Abuja.

She said the toolkit was presented at the 2019 National Validation Workshop on Agricultural Joint Sector Review, Biennial Review Report and the 2ndNational Agricultural Investment Plan (NAIP), held in Abuja.

Okeke said the toolkit had been endorsed by the African Union under its biennial review toolkit and Nigeria was one of the countries that had piloted the toolkit.

The toolkit, which shall be used to support information on government generation, will also help to show that opportunities exist and how they can be accessed and addressed in future.

She said the toolkit was organised around five areas looking at the background and rationale in line with the Malabo commitment.

“Most times some of the information being collated during the biennial review process hinge on data, but our own area is just to add value, to tell the stories behind those numbers.

“This is followed by a comprehensive description of the different tool and this occupies the bulk of the toolkit document,’’ Okeke said.

Okeke said that the tool was designed to be used at all levels cutting across ministries, agencies, government workers, development organisations, civil societies organisations, farmers and youth groups.

She said that even the private sector could use the tool to generate information that would help them have evidence-based policy issues that could be used to engage the government.

“Basically, the application of the NSA toolkit involves training national resource persons, some non-state actors’ constituencies across Africa.

“Some civil society organisations were trained and this set of people have helped to use this toolkit to generate information,’’ she said.

According to Okeke, the objective was to make sure that they were able to collect information that reflect the realities of farmers.

She said they wanted to add value to the country’s performance reporting, increase understanding, awareness and consciousness among farmers and organisations in monitoring the CAADP result.

“ From there, we can subsequently use the date generated to enhance our advocacy for various agricultural policies and programmes,’’ she said.

Okeke commended the process of carrying out the biennial review by the government but observed that during the first biennial review, stakeholders were not carried along to ensure effective engagement and participation.

She said that was the reason the Non State Actors including small medium farmers including women came together to develop appropriate methodology and tools to collate evidence and track progress of member states.

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