Spalletti: ‘Icardi is humiliating for Inter fans, only Messi makes a difference’ | English News

31 March at 23:15

Speaking to Sky Italia after the loss to Lazio, Inter manager Luciano Spalletti completely destroyed Icardi, once and for all explaining why the Argentine striker was left out. 


“Today, the only choice for Icardi was to stay out, it is only right that the others should play for how they have behaved. Credibility is needed and at this moment, it is right that others should play because in the locker room credibility is needed. 


“People say we lose many games without Icardi, but the team did not qualify for Champions League for years when he started. Inter have lost much worse games than this with Icardi. It is humiliating for fans to negotiate with a player to get him to wear the shirt they love. 


“Few players make a real difference, Messi is one of these, Icardi is not. The discipline is the true strength of a team and a professional. I have left players out for much less, in this profession you have to be credible. Let’s ask the Inter fans, let’s see if they are pleased that a player is negotiating to wear the shirt,” he concluded. 

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