Someone is paying big money to sit in the 49ers’ draft room

The NFL continues to find new ways to cram more and more cheese into the pizza.

The 49ers have sold two seats in their draft room for a whopping $22,000, via Darren Rovell.

Although the money will go to charity, this approach unlocks a high-end revenue stream that previously has gone untapped. And there’s no requirement that the revenue generated by this kind of thing be donated.

Patrick Ryan of Entellect points out that a package including a training session with Jimmy Garoppolo and a road trip with the team went for $29,000 as part of the recent 49ers Foundation auction.

Experiences can become the next expansion of things fans will pay for, starting with autographs and shifting to game-worn memorabilia. These experiences are truly unique, and there’s no concern that the experiences will be anything other than the real thing — a very real risk when it comes to buying game-used articles.

Being in the draft room or hanging out with the starting quarterback or flying on the team plane or staying at the team hotel or sitting in the locker room before a game is as genuine and authentic as it gets. For players and coaches, however,, it also may be seen as an invasion and a distraction, and that’s where things will get interesting, if/when the 49ers and other NFL franchise try to cram cheese into (and pull cash from) previously exclusive team activities.

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