A six-year-old South Korean YouTube star and her parents have purchased a multi-million pound property, according to reports.

Boram is the country’s most popular YouTuber and her two channels – a video blog and a series of toy reviews – have more than 30 million subscribers.

The Maeil Business Newspaper reported the five-storey building is in Gangnam, one of Seoul’s most affluent areas.

The property was bought by the Boram Company, which was set up by the girl’s parents, for 9.5 billion won (£6.5m).

It may sound like a lot of money but maybe not for the youngster who earns an estimated monthly income of £2.4m.

Boram is from South Korea and makes millions from her videos of playtime. Pic: YouTube
Boram and her family have bought a five-storey property in Seoul. Pic: YouTube

Boram’s videos, which are posted to Boram Tube ToysReview and Boram Tube Vlog, attract hundreds of millions of views.

She describes them as “making play and a fun kids’ playground video…cute and rewarding memories of everyday life”.

And, according to the Korea Herald, she earns more through marketing revenue than any other South Korean YouTuber.

Boram, from South Korea, is a star on YouTube. She makes millions from her videos of playtime. Pic: YouTube
Boram, from South Korea, has two popular YouTube channels. Pic: YouTube

But her success has raised concerns that she may be being exploited.

Save The Children’s local chapter went to court in 2017, accusing her guardians of “gaining financial profit by putting the children in situations that could put them under mental distress and distributing the footage to the public, with a negative influence on underage viewers who watch the clips”, according to the Korea Herald.

The paper added there were concerns that some of the clips, for example those showing her stealing money from her father’s wallet and acting as if she is giving birth, could be a bad influence on younger fans.

The offending clips were made private and Boram’s parents apologised.

Boram is not the only mini-millionaire raking it in on the video platform: last year, seven-year-old American Ryan Kaji earned around $22m (£17m) through his toy review channel which has more than 20 million subscribers.

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