Shields vs. Hammer live results: Round-by-round coverage

Shields vs. Hammer live results: Round-by-round coverage


Jermaine Franklin vs. Rydell Booker

Round 8: Franklin coming out fast in this round, and it seems he has more in the tank. Hard left hook lands, then a left uppercut between short punches from Booker. Both guys are tired. Nothing really happens for the last minute of this round. Franklin throws two big hooks in a flurry as the round ends, but nothing lands.

Round 7: Booker looks like he’s running out of gas. Franklin lands two short jabs, eats a short left uppercut, but keeps pressing. Booker gets Franklin against the ropes, and there’s some good dirty boxing. Franklin connects with two strong right hooks, and after they separate, a stiff jab right on the chin. He sells out on a haymaker, but eats a counter right hook from Booker. They’re landing, it just doesn’t seem like he’s throwing enough. And just as soon as I type that, Booker gets Franklin against the ropes and lands some very hard shots. Franklin is winging hooks himself, but Booker is peppering him. Franklin spins him around and delivers some big shots of their own. Both land hooks, flush, as the round ends.

Round 6: This one is really slow, nothing happens for the first minute or so. Booker connects on a nice counter uppercut, followed by a right hook after eating two big body shots. Booker gets against the ropes, but they tie up and are separated. They tie up again and the round comes to an end. Very little happened in that round. I don’t think anybody should win it!

Round 5: Hard left to the body from Booker. Both guys are taking some deep breaths. Big right hand over the top from Franklin, but Booker just gets out of the way. Left jab from Franklin lands flush on the chin, through Booker’s guard. Booker gets Franklin up against the ropes, and he lands several nice big shots. Franklin keeps throwing combinations, but he’s eating some big shots on the inside. Booker is slipping the bigger shots — he’s big, but he’s quick. Right to the body from Franklin. Short uppercut inside from Booker, for the second time in the round.

Round 4: Franklin continues to be the aggressor, and Booker is also slowing down a bit, it seems. Booker lands a stiff right hand about halfway through the round, but he ate a very strong jab right before that. Booker catches him again, and Franklin loses his mouthpiece for the second time. When they get started, Franklin lands two big hooks while they’re essentially clinched up. He has two more shots bounce off Booker’s gloves, but the right hook over the top slips through and nails the side of his head. Franklin tees off against the ropes to end the round. A much better round for him.

Round 3: Booker lands a strong right hand, and Franklin is trying to get the jab to work. Booker is doing a good job of avoiding the big shots, and he lands a double jab of his own. Franklin seems to be fading, he’s throwing everything with power. Franklin isn’t getting anything done, and it’s probably another Booker round.

Round 2: Booker is a lot more active to start this round, moving a lot more and trying to back Franklin into the ropes. Booker and Franklin both connect with massive hooks right on the cheek. Franklin might have been stunned, but he loses his mouthpiece. Left uppercut from Booker lands, and Franklin starts swinging wildly. He drops his right hand, and eats another left hook. Booker slips the big punches from Franklin. Franklin recovers and gets Booker against the ropes, where he lands a strong hook to the body. Two hard straights land for Booker, and I’ve got it at a round apiece.

Round 1: Franklin working the one-two combos early. They both get some jabs in, and Franklin almost takes Booker’s head off with a change-up hook. Franklin with a nice jab to the body, then they exchange stiff left jabs. Counter left hook from Franklin lands, followed by a double jab. Booker throws three straight left jabs, which are glancing blows. Booker eats a hard right hook while delivering a shot to the body. Franklin connects with a pair of body hooks, and gets Booker into the corner, where he tries to swarm, but they tie up and are separated. Active round for both fighters, but it was definitely Franklin’s round.

Otto Wallin vs. Nick Kisner ends in no decision

Round 1: Wallin immediately closes on Kisner and covers himself up. He throws the right jab, and Kisner circles. Hard right from Kisner is blockd. Wallin gets him into the corner, but eats a hard right hand for his troubles. He delivers one of his own, followed by a strong body shot. Left hook from Wallin lands as Kisner has a cut over his right eye. Right straight from Wallin. Kisner seems to be indicating that it was a headbutt, but no replay yet. They tie up. Kisner goes down from another shot and Kisner says he can’t see out of the eye with a cut. Looks like Wallin has a cut on the side of the head, so it might have been a headbutt. They get fighting again. Kisner throws a wide right hook, but it doesn’t land. He eats a hard jab while swinging another hook, then a big right to the body. He connects with a left to the body of his own. Round ends — it was definitely Wallin’s round but he’s doing a poor job of using his range.

And now it seems like this fight is going to be stopped. Kisner can’t see out of the eye with a cut, and that makes it harder for him to see shots coming in from Wallin’s primary side. They announce it’s a no decision for both fighters.

Fight Card Results

Otto Wallin vs. Nick Kisner ends in no decision (medical)
Brenda Karen Carabajal def. Elena Gradinar via decision
Ja’Rico O’Quinn def. Vicente Alfaro Martinez via decision
Mario Heredia def. Samuel Peter via split decision
Marcus Bates def. Jesse Angel Hernandez via TKO
Isiah Seldon def. Bryan Goldsby via decision

9 p.m.: We are checking in for our live blog of tonight’s Showtime boxing card, featuring a title bout between Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer. We’ll have a live blog of the main card action just as soon as it gets underway. The current round and bout will be at the top of this article, while previous bouts and results will be below them. Finally, the viewing information this article originally shipped with is below. Keep refreshing that page!

On Saturday, one of the bigger women’s boxing matches in a very long time will take place, as Claressa Shields and Christina Hammer finally meet in the headlining bout of a Showtime boxing card. Shields will be defending her WBA, WBC and IBF titles, while Hammer is putting up her WBO strap. The vacant The Ring middleweight title will also be up for grabs.

The card will be broadcast on Showtime, beginning at 9 p.m. ET and features two other bouts on the main card. Live streaming can be found via Showtime Anytime.

Showtime is billing it as the biggest women’s boxing fight there’s been, and that might be true. All we know for sure is that these are two of the top women’s boxers in the world, and they’re going to slug it out for our enjoyment. Shields carries the hope of a lot of women boxers in the United States, and there is some serious beef between her and Hammer.

The two were originally scheduled to fight in 2018, but an injury to Hammer delayed the bout. Meanwhile, both fighters have spent plenty of time trash talking and building up to Saturday’s action.

Shields, 24, is a two-time Olympic gold medalist for the United States, and is 8-0 as a professional. Six of her wins came via decision, with two knockouts. She’s defended her WBA and IBF belts twice, and her WBC belt once.

Hammer, 28, is 24-0-1 as a professional, with 11 wins by knockout and 13 wins by decision. She’s defended her WBO belt 12 times and has much more professional experience than Shields.

How to watch Shields vs. Hammer

Date: Saturday, April 13

Location: Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, N.J.

Time: 9 p.m. ET

TV: Showtime

Online Streaming: Showtime Anytime

Shields vs. Hammer fight card

Main card

Claressa Shields vs. Christina Hammer (for Shields’ WBA, WBC, and IBF titles, Hammer’s WBO title and the vacant The Ring middleweight title)
Jermaine Franklin vs. Rydell Booker
Otto Wallin vs. Nick Kisner

Preliminary card

Elena Gradinar vs. Brenda Karen Carabajal (for vacant IBF women’s featherweight title)
Ja’Rico O’Quinn vs. Vicente Alfaro Martinez
Samuel Peter vs. Mario Heredia
Jesse Angel Hernandez vs. Marcus Bates
Isiah Seldon vs. Bryan Goldsby


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