See the LASPOTECH Student who commits suicide because he was jilted by his lover of 9 years

Joseph Mayowa king Ezekiel, a part time student of Hospitality and Manangement Technolgy Lagos state has killed himself by drinking sniper after his girlfriend of 9 years dumped him.

Joseph Mayowa made a live video on Facebook while in his room , crying and holding a sniper bottle.

He stated that since his girlfriend went for her National Youth Service the girl changed , he added that his girlfriend used the mistake of 3 years ago as excuse to dump him.

He said he cried and begged for her forgiveness but the said girl moved on with someone who is wealthy .

In his live video, Joseph urged men to hustle and make money first before approaching a woman for dates. He also called on the Federal Government of Nigerian to scrap NYSC.

He ended by apologising to his mother and some other people he mentioned their names .

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