Secrets are Leaking, Atiku Makes A Shocking Revelation About Buhari’s Nationality -Video

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Former Nigerian vice president Atiku Abubakar, candidate of the Peoples Democratic party (PDP) in the just concluded February 23 2019 presidential election, has replied to the All progressive congress (APC) for saying the people’s democratic party candidate Atiku should have been ineligible to contest and has no better future for the country in the first place because he is not a Nigerian.

Atiku replying saying, if the All progressive congress (APC) could publicly come out to say he is ineligible and not the citizen of Nigeria then they should provide the original birth certificate of president Buhari for Nigeria to know who is their president.

According to Atiku, if he is not a Nigerian then Buhari could be the Jibrin of Sudan that means they both are ineligible to be leaders of this country and should go back to their countries he says.

I am proud to be a Nigerian and if there is any need of me providing any documents or proof I will do that, but the only thing am asking of the party who came out to publicly speak dirty of me is, they should provide the original birth certificate of Buhari not his school certificate he added.


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