Rüdiger, Boateng, Schulz & Co.: The most valuable XI from players born in Berlin

Rüdiger, Boateng, Schulz & Co.: The most valuable XI from players born in Berlin


New Transfermarkt-series 

Where do the World’s most talented footballers come from? In a new series, Transfermarkt takes a look at the birthplaces that has produced today’s most valuable professionals. Transfermarkt will show a most valuable top XI by city. We start with Berlin.

We start in the capital: Germany’s most populous metropolis has the most valuable local born best XI of any German city. However, as we will see in the coming weeks, examples show that the value of a top XI is not always directly proportional to population. In Berlin’s top XI the Boateng brothers Jérôme (30) and Kevin-Prince (32) are among the most famous names, while national team player Antonio Rüdiger (Photo) records the highest market value.

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These three players all have one thing in common: Most of the players of this fictional top XI have not played for a club in their hometown for a very long time. Rüdiger left Berlin at an early age when he changed to Borussia Dortmund’s youth team where he then proceeded to VfB Stuttgart, AS Roma, and finally to FC Chelsea, where he doubled his market value compared to the period he was in Italy.

Most valuable Berlin XI trumps Hertha BSC’s

Rüdiger and many other players in the top XI never played for the Berlin based club, Hertha BSC. Many talents made targeted moves to other Bundesliga clubs at a young age. For example, Linton Maina (19), joined his current club Hannover 96 at an early age. Karim Bellarabi (28, Leverkusen), on the other hand, did not grow up in his birthplace, but in Bremen, and Dortmund’s Maxilmilian Philipp (25) left Berlin as a 14-year-old.

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However a few players have spent long time periods for Hertha: Nico Schulz (26, Hoffenheim) and John Anthony Brooks (26, VfL Wolfsburg). One fact is remarkable: The Top XI of the native Berliners is worth more than the most valuable XI from the current BSC squad. The Berliners top XI has a combined value of 167.2 million euros in contrast to Hertha’s which only sums up to 163 million euros. Only Hertha’s homegrown Maximilian Mittelstädt (22) makes it among the top XI of native Berliners.

Most Valuable XI born in Berlin

Most Valuable XI born in Berlin




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