Review of Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google has recently launched its 7 inch tablet that has taken the technology market by storm. This device is named Nexus 7. This tablet is priced at $ 199. Let us find out if this tablet is worth your money or not.

Hardware specifications

As disclosed officially, the specifications of this tablet is impressive:

• Quad core T3 powerful processor, 8GB RAM or 16GB priced at $ 249.
• Display: 7Inch 12 by 800
• High Definition Backlight
• Pixels of 216 / Inch with a IPS display
• Front facing camera of 1.2 Mp which is protected by Corning glass
• Rotation of landscape view according to apps, default portrait display
• Control buttons located on right side including power and sleep button and power adjust
• Touch buttons on the screen for: Home / Navigation, back, navigation and lock rotation
• 3.5 jack for headphone and USB port located at the bottom of the tablet
• Microphone insertion point with a size of pinhole

Display and UI (User Interface)

The tablet has a plastic finish with glass for touch screen giving a classic look to the Nexus 7. As far as the interface is concerned it is all loaded with various features.


• Weight: 340 grams
• Measure: 198.5 x 120 x 10.45mm
• Bezel located around screen measuring: 20mmx14mm top and bottom
• Super AMOLED Display


• Magnetometer
• Accelerometer
• Gyroscope
• Google Maps along with GPS Chip enabled to provide navigation sans Wi-Fi

The tablet is comfortable to hold and does give a feeling of a premium quality product. At present black model is available to the users. For those who are keen on getting their hands on this gadget can get it from Google Play Store by placing a pre-order.

When it comes to capturing and viewing pictures or other media content this tablet is fair. The only drawback it looks to have is Android 4.1 Jelly Bean which seems to give a low level of contrast. This OS introduces enhancements like Project Butter. This helps in increasing the capacity of responsiveness. The soft keyboard is one of the best available. The user can also install a Swift Key 3 Tablet which also has the feature of individual prediction settings.

Jelly Bean contains the functionality of Google Now, this is an information that is based on user card that utilizes the GPS system. This feature is as for now available to Wi-Fi users only. The touch is responsive and swift to sue with rich view of the display all because of Project Butter.

Connectivity and Internet

Nexus 7 is small, light weight tablet that makes it a lot easier to carry and is connected via Wi-Fi. This tablet is supportive of 802.11b / g / n which is reliably fast for broadband. It also contains connectivity option with Bluetooth. The most interesting feature is that of NFC or the Near Field Display that is first to be introduced in tablet. This is helpful in enabling the functionality of Google Wallet without the hassle of contact payment.

Nexus 7 Camera

This tablet contains a front facing camera which is 1.2 mp which is fair in its performance when it comes to Skype video calls. The users can also connect to other video callers on different devices like iPad2 and Mac Book Air. For taking pictures the user need to hold down the power / lock + volume buttons together to capture. But again user will be disappointed when it comes to pictures apps like Instagram which is unfortunately not compatible with this version. However when it comes to viewing pictures and slide shows the results are good. The swiping through function is quick to response and smooth.

For those who are interested in apps which provide editing options Gallery app is the answer. The user can utilize the tools that help in cropping, editing and sharing. The functionalities related to content Transfer, Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi can be easily enabled by Android Beam, tap the devices together and it is done.

Storage and battery backup

The Nexus 7 contains 4325mAh battery which is capable of 8 hours of backup without charging while the user is actively engaged. But all this is sans any 3G or 4G usage. The pricing for 8 is $ 199 and 16 GB is $ 249. The tablet is designed to work with Google Play which gives the user freedom to stream music, movies and TV shows directly into the device.

Apps and play store

The users are already provided with Play Store along with Google account. Other apps like Google Voice and Reader can be installed via Play Store. For those who are keen on obtaining magazines they can opt for the $ 25 Google Play credit.

Users who are interested in Play Books will be surprised by the free gift provided by Google The Bourne Dominion by author Robert Ludlum. There is a treat for music lovers too; they are given free account on Google Play Music. Movies like Transformers and Dark of the Moon too are included in the free package bundle for entertainment purpose.

Google Maps are free for navigation and the directions are clearly well defined. These can be easily utilized while you are in your car and seeking detailed direction of each road and turn to a specified location.

If you want to make any VoIP calls then the functionality can be utilized through Google Play, this enables the user in making free calls via GrooVe IP. Calls can be made to cell phones as well as landlines with voice clarity.


The free apps and entertainment package provided with the tablet is a treat to the user. The best free functionality is that of Google Wallet which works with NFC technology. The Jelly Bean 4.1 is exactly the right choice of Google when it comes to Nexus 7 tablet; This helps in creating a good user experience. This is the tablet for budget conscious users who want to have a good package deal that is stylish, packed with features and free stuff.

Source by Marigold Henry Montana

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