Portuguese Translation: Reaching the Target Market

Brazil is an excellent country to look at expanding your business in. To do this however, you need to enlist the services of a quality Portuguese translation service provider. Brazil is a beautiful country in South America with a population of over 100 million people. It has a vibrant culture and it is absolutely vital to find Portuguese translation services that understand the culture and provide correct and appropriate translation for your business. Portuguese is the most spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere and the third most spoken in the Western Hemisphere. It’s one of the Romance languages and is an official language of the European Union. Approximately 273 million people speak Portuguese making it the fifth most spoken language in the world and therefore an important language with regard to business communication.

Business has changed over the years and we now see companies becoming more and more globalised due to the benefits of business translation. The internet has played a significant role in the globalisation of businesses as you can communicate with a larger proportion of people rather than just in your own local area. Even though this has been incredibly beneficial for businesses wanting to expand, it has also increased competition not only between companies who speak English and have used translation to spread their services, but also established companies in other parts of the world who have the advantage of being able to directly communicate their business to the target audience.

Brazil is one such example where there are established companies who can effectively get their message across to the target market in their own country. Businesses trying to break through to this market struggle without utilising good Portuguese translation services. Professional Portuguese translators possess the ability and understanding necessary to translate a document accurately from one language to another. Any company that aims to break into a new market such as the Brazilian market will benefit remarkably from using a professional Portuguese translation service. If, for example, you were an American based business and you wanted to expand your business into Brazil you would need to invest in translation services for both online and offline material. Because numerous customers now use the internet for their purchasing and information requirements you need to ensure that your website is correctly translated. You also need to make sure other important documents regarding your marketing, invoices and other aspects are perfectly translated. It is important to understand the business culture in Brazil before you embark on expanding your business there.

Utilising a Portuguese translation services will guarantee that your website and business essentials will be translated with a high level of quality and precision which you cannot acquire without hiring a company that has skill and experience with the Portuguese language. The Portuguese language is a complex tongue and it is vital that you have professionals that speak it fluently to ensure your business does not suffer from translations faux pas’. Portuguese is the official and most predominantly used language in Brazil so breaking into the market is rather straightforward as long as your translations are of high quality. However, more often than not, a translation will not break through the language barrier if the translator has not considered additional factors such as understanding the Brazilian culture. Translation services that exercise quality will know exactly how to translate messages effectively, taking into consideration literal translations that may cause offence to the target market and difference in languages if the country being targeted holds several different dialects.

Source by Hayden Barrett

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