Navigating one’s way through the dos and don’ts of social media can cause something of a headache.

Is it okay to share photos at your best friend’s wedding, or during a dinner party? How is best to announce your engagement?

Society bible Tatler has issued its new rules for social media etiquette to provide the limits to posting once and for all.

Above all else, it says, the main rule is “phones away in company”.

But it has also advised never to post pictures of other people’s children, and to avoid posting images of an invitation you receive, unless you want it rescinded.

Name-dropping is out, especially long-dead ancestors.

When arriving for a dinner party, make sure to bring confectionery from somewhere other than Hotel Chocolat – to avoid looking like you stopped at a train station on the way.

:: Do you think you can pass the etiquette challenge? Take our quiz below.


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