Personal taste of God’s great power


By Pastor William F. Kumuyi

Psalms 34:8 “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”


The Psalmist had personal encounter with God and experienced His awesome nature in the most pro-found way. This informed his bold decision to call as many, who are seriously in dire need of recovery in life, to come and also partake in the wonders of God.

His call goes out to every soul that is hungry and desirous of permanent change meant to bring genuine and lasting solution to the problems of life. The call goes to you that is there right now. Come, taste and see the goodness of God. God has a ready made antidote for those challenges bedevilling you and your family. You can discover it for yourself today, if you will only heed to this clarion call directed towards you.

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The invitation of the Psalmist stems from his first hand experience and knowledge of the benevolent will power of God to steer humans clear from the path of danger and difficulties into the path of safety as occasion demands.

That is the very reason he is encouraging you to try God because he knows that God is very good at solving our problems. Simply put, God is an expert in that field of study; and He is most willing to save you from whatever boiling point situation you may find yourself. If you should talk about healing, He is good at doing just that; and if it is deliverance, He is also exceptional in delivering you from the many great dangers the devil has placed in your pathway to greatness.

The Psalmist discovered it for himself during his reign as king in Israel. You too can experience it in your life today.

Psalms 34:8 “O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.”

All that is required is for you to put your trust in God. Excuse me, let me remind you that in time past, you have put your confidence in man or in material possessions like money or may be in a woman, thinking that you will be aided by them, but to no avail you got burnt and have suffered varying degrees of disappointments. But if you put your trust in God today, He will be of great service to you.

If you put your trust in God and allow Him to work His wonders in your life, the power of God will overshadow you and you will experience total recovery. I want to assure you today that the moment you take that right decision God is demanding from you, it will catapult into a complete state of recovery for you and your family.

Now you must pay kin attention, because for you to enjoy this goodness of God I have been talking about, you have to play a very significant role. That is, you must accept the offer of friendship the Son of God is extending to you.

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The Son of God is also known as the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the express image of the Almighty God. He came from heaven to represent God the Father and to show us how good God can be and how we can get to meet with Him. He was anointed with the power of the Holy Ghost and went to many localities doing good as well as healing all that were oppressed of the devil. Eventually, He was crucified and died for our sins so that we will not remain in the bondage of sin and suffering.

The moment the power of God takes its’ effect in your life, you will become a specimen of a great miracle: you will experience salvation from sin, which will make you righteous and straighten out your character. After that, other secondary miracles and privileges will follow in quick succession.

As these goodly blessings of God begin to take shape in your life, laughter will become your other name. You will rejoice. I congratulate you because of what God will do in your life today.

To become a partaker of these mouthwatering benefits that come from the throne of grace, you must nurse a desire to live a better and a fulfilled life. When you nurture that desire, it will become a sudden surge or catalyst that will spike you and your family into a better future.

I know something about those people who do not have desire. They do not move or act when you ask them to. They just remain static, motionless and indifferent to situations around them. But I charge you to wake up from your sleepy position. Wake up to reality because good news has come and today will not be like the yesterday of the past, which brought doom and gloom to you and your family.

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Wake up! Arise. This coming week will not be like last week. The beginning of the year will not be like last year for you. This year you will be the man of action and you will obtain complete and full salvation. You will be the man of success and with the glory of God. Wake up and desire.

There was someone in the Bible who heard about the great deeds of Jesus and afterwards, he began to crave longings and strong desire see Jesus. I mean, to have an encounter with Him. That desire was fulfilled when Jesus paid a visit to his community. In fact, the moment he got to know that the Lord had entered into his community and that He was passing by his vicinity, he decided to do the needful.


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