Peller Unity Cup: Alesh Akeem Meets Shina Peller, Aquila Group

Nigeria’s leading and celebrity pencil artist Alesh Akeem has been spotted with Quilox CEO, Shina Peller amidst the on-going Peller Unity Cup.

Alesh Akeem and Shina Peller were seen together alongside other members and crew of the Aquila records during the south-western states tour for the tournament.

The tournament according to Shina Peller is played to immortalized his late father’ Prof. Moshood Abiola Peller and mark the 20th anniversary since he departed. He also added that the aim tournament is to improve Oyo state grassroots football without any hidden political intentions.

Alesh Akeem is famous for drawing and presenting hyper realistic artworks to international celebrities and top notable Nigerians.

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