PDP's Ultimate VDJ79 Toyota Landcruiser V8 Package -Video

Brand new Toyota Landcruiser V8 dual cab in for our ultimate PDP upgrade package.

Unichip with 5 map select switch, NPC 1300nm clutch, PDP crossover pipe, Moonlight Fab 4″ snorkel, airbox and intake pipework, Intercooler upgrade, custom V8 cruiser gauges with inbuilt EGT protection through the Unichip, charge air temp protection, water temp protection, upgraded turbo, cruise control, catch can, 2nd diesel fuel manager, speedo correction & sealed water cooled alternator.

Custom tuned on 35″ mud tyres, vehicle travelled only 2000kms, tuned for reliability & driveability with 25psi boost, clean AFR’s, safe EGT’s and stable charge air temps.

This vehicle when finished was the best example we have driven. With all the upgrade mods combined, the low down torque drove like no other car we have had in our shop.


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