PDP SP400 Bass Drum Pedal Review – Sweetwater Sound -Video

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In this video I am demonstrating the PDP SP400 Bass Drum Pedal. It’s a great entry level kickdrum pedal designed by Drum Workshop.

The pedal comes with a single-chain mechanism with an offset cam that is responsive and very smooth feeling. The racing-inspired foot board not only looks cool, but feels good underneath the foot. The pedal attached to the kick drum’s hoop easily and quickly with the lug nut screw on the side of the pedal. I went from holding the pedal to playing the kickdrum in seconds.

The pedal feels really good and is very responsive. I hit the drum both hard and soft and was able to play double strokes with ease.

For an amazingly affordable price you get a pedal made from legendary DW quality that will take whatever you can throw at it. If you are in need of a new pedal you should definitely try the PDP SP400.

— Nick D’Virgilio


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